A Digital DNA Design for Kate Bonnycastle

    Kate is a local copywriter in Bedford, NS. She really wanted to show off the variety of work she does ...

A Digital DNA Makeover for Jac McNeil

 I was thrilled to be able to redesign Jac's online home. She wanted to illustrate her warmth and approach to her business ...

On decisions

She took a breath and flew.  You can too. xo, K

Make a difference.

Permission granted, beautiful.  Let your thoughts, opinions, and feelings make a difference. xo, K

You’ve got what it takes.

You can make it happen.  Promise. xo, K

Finding your thing…

Start listening to the voice in your heart.  It's intuition talking to you, woman.  Next step is to start saying those words ...

It’s about impact, beautiful.

What does your footprint look like today?  Where do you need to step it up to make the impact you want?  You ...
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