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What You Really Need to Know About Launching a Website

I think it’s time for some truth telling. I have watched SO many woman turn themselves inside out and backwards while wrangling the words to put on their website.

They agonize over colors and fonts and imagery to make it look perfect for they hit publish. (Like they’re never going to get clients if we don’t move that icon two pixels to the left!)

They worry and stress and overthink every single word. Once they see the words live, they overthink them again. They ask for changes. Because it’s still not quite “it”. Then they re-read and overthink it even more.

They worry that they’ll be misunderstood. “Will my words be taken out of context?”

They stress that their peers and colleagues may judge them. “What if they don’t take me seriously?” “What if they laugh?”

They almost always feel like a fraud at some point. “Someone has already done this so why would they hire me?”

And I can tell you for sure they ALWAYS feel like it needs to be perfect before they share it with the world.

Am I right?

Truth telling time: When you launch your website live, hardly anyone will notice.

UNTIL you tell them. Even then, it’ll only be your parents and dear Aunt Susie who will pour over every word. (I told you I was going to be honest!)

Full disclosure: There isn’t some magic Google button that will put your new website in front of your dream clients instantly. (That’s not how SEO works, beautiful.)

Of course you’re going to share your launch with your social media followers. You’ll post it on Facebook and maybe Linked In and Instagram. You’ll get a steady stream of congratulatory messages that make you feel seen and heard. Then you’ll notice that the people that are commenting are actually people you already know – family, friends, colleagues. Sure they’re happy for you but they aren’t ever going to convert to paying clients.

Then you sit and wait for the inquires to start rolling in. Where are all these new clients and customers who you spent countless HOURS preparing for?


All you hear are crickets.

You take a deep breath and wait some more. Mostly because it took you so damn long to commit to building this website in the first place!

Reality check time: yes, you may have needed a website. What I hope you’re realizing is that you really needed a marketing strategy.

You need to understand how you can leverage your social media, your referrals, your networking, your newsletter, AND your website to drive revenue.

This is REALLY great news for you. Why? Because now you know it doesn’t have to be perfect (I mean hardly anyone will see it once you launch, anyway!) You can stop wasting time.

A successful online business isn’t just having a beautiful website.

For someone who builds websites for a living, you might be wondering if I’m shooting myself in the foot by telling you this.

I’m not. I’ve realized I can do better for my clients. Launching and leaving them to figure out the rest doesn’t serve them.

This is definitely a direction I’m taking my business in this new decade. I have all kinds of content that’s going to help you understand how to do this too.

One of the most exciting things about this year is the new program I’m currently creating.

I want to create a safe space for female led brands to learn and grow and find their footing online. Yes, that means a website will be part of it. But more importantly, I’ll be teaching how to connect and grow your audience so that your website won’t just be a pretty face that your Aunt Susie can check out. If you are curious, make sure you hop on the early notification list here.

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