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Website In a Week with Krista Smith via ActivateHerAwesome.com

I wanted to show up today with a personal and heartfelt explanation of what’s been happening since I last posted on my blog. I've kinda been MIA. My family grew by one in the late fall of last year. We now have a second fun-loving fur baby named Riley who’s taken up WAY more time than… --> Read more

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How to create or edit the image that is used as your author avatar via Krista Smith at ActivateHerAwesome.com

In today's video tutorial, I'm walking you through the steps on how you can create or update the avatar image that shows up next to your name whenever you post a comment online. It's possible you have a new email address or a really old headshot or possibly have never created one! In this quick… --> Read more

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Three Things you can do today to improve your website via Krista Smith at ActivateHerAwesome.com

In the rapidly changing world of online business, your website is likely your #1 central hub for all your marketing efforts. You're clients and customers are finding you at your online home and when that online home doesn't feel quite like the home you want it to and you don't have the funds for a… --> Read more

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Discover one of my secrets to building a successful online business today at ActivateHerAwesome.com

I am so damn excited to share something with you that I've been working on for the last few weeks. Over the past year I've personally led two in-person retreats and co-led two others. I've watched what happens when women gather, dive deep into their businesses, reconnect with their vision, and build an intentional strategy for… --> Read more

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How Crystals Work and Which 5 Every Boss Needs to Keep Close by via Krista Smith at ActivateHerAwesome.com

They can help physical and emotional blockages. Personally, I like to utilize the benefits of healing gemstones and crystals to promote my own free flowing + positive energy. I believe the natural energy and metaphysical properties of the healing stones are working all the time to balance my mind, body and soul. Think about it. Think… --> Read more

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How to Build Boundaries and Create Processes that Support your Client Based Business via Krista Smith at ActivateHerAwesome.com

I get it. You’re nice. If you’re anything like the women I work with, you likely have an overwhelming desire to deliver an amazing customer service experience so that your clients will recommend you to all their friends. You’ve got clients emailing you with obscure and way out of scope questions and demands. Your reaction… --> Read more

posted in: Client Communication

When was the last time you really sat down with your business and gave it the love it deserves? We get so caught up in serving clients & customers, engaging on social media, and, I don't know, the hustle that sometimes we forget to work ON our businesses instead of working in it. I like… --> Read more

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3 Podcasts I Recommend You listen to Today via Krista Smith at ActivateHerAwesome.com

I've done the homework for you , ladies. I've been listening to podcasts all summer long. I've made you a digital playlist with my favorites that'll help you grow your business (I like to think of it as a mixed tape for bosses). Firstly, I'd like to introduce you to Profit, Power, Pursuit with Tara Gentile… --> Read more

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How content upgrades can help you grow your list via Krista Smith ActivateHerAwesome.com

Does this sound familiar? You’ve been getting out there and writing blog posts. You’ve been showing up in Facebook groups answering questions and showing your expertise. You’ve been supportive and much more "out there" than your typical introverted self usually is. But, your email list isn’t growing like you expected. A content upgrade is a… --> Read more

posted in: Tech Tutorials

In the past few weeks I’ve heard from different bosses that their lists aren’t growing. No new subscribers means your audience isn’t engaged with your message and it could even mean clients and customers won’t be able to find you. It seems like this is a common pain point with many coaches and creative entrepreneurs these… --> Read more

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