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How To Embed an Audio File in Your WordPress Website

Yesterday I did my first FREE Office Hours where I invited everyone who was one of my newsletter subscribers on a 90 minute call where I answered any questions anyone had about creating a website, connecting with clients, brand strategy, marketing online and just about anything else that came up.

During the first part of the call, we were talking about podcasting as a way to attract your community and use it as a platform to educate, support, and inspire.

That led into a great conversation about blog posts and how they don’t have to traditional anymore. It’s no longer necessary to publish written words. Publishing posts on your website can involve video, audio or written content.

We talked about special considerations we need to be making for our audience who may be visually impaired. Having a 500 word blog post for them to read might be impossible.

One thing you CAN do to help support those who prefer listening is to record your content using your smart phone, then upload it to an audio streaming service, and embed it on your website.

In today’s post I’m showing you how you can use Sound Cloud to embed an audio on your website so that you can have audio available when your audience prefers to listen instead of read!

Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Record your audio (I use the voice memo app on my iPhone).
  2. Email yourself the recording.
  3. Open your email on your computer and save it to your downloads folder.
  4. Sign up for a free Sound Cloud account. (You may need to verify your email and add a couple of photos to make your profile complete but that’s pretty straightforward. Just poke around in the profile settings)
  5. Upload your audio to Sound Cloud.
  6. Locate the embed code, copy it, and paste it on your website.
  7. Publish!

It’s pretty easy. Here’s a quick video showing you how to do it!

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