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Ten Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make on Your Website

I’ve been helping women for over ten years build a website for their business that attracts AND converts. I’ve watched countless others make costly mistakes.

Your website needs to be appealing to your audience, be a genuine reflection of you, AND help you generate revenue.

If your website is not making you money, it might be time to have a look at why that is.

Today, I’m sharing ten of the top mistakes I see women making on their websites. I’m even sharing the simple solutions that can help fix the issues.

Here are ten things that MIGHT be costing you money:

  1. You’ve written what you want to say. You instead need to write what your audience wants to hear. This is about them, not you.
  2. You’re using jargon. It’s important to avoid using industry specific buzz words that you know the meaning of but your clients won’t. For example, 99% of life coaching clients don’t know they’re looking for fulfillment and balance. They’re overwhelmed. They’re stressed. They have no boundaries. The smart thing to do is speak directly to their pain points and offer solutions that can help.
  3. You don’t have one main goal for your website. Do you want to develop leads? Do you want to sell 1:1 sessions? Or something else? Understand what your goal is for your website so you can develop a strategy to see a significant ROI.
  4. You have more than six (and ideally only 4) items in your navigation. Keep it intuitive and user friendly (about, services, blog, and contact).
  5. You haven’t invested in brand photography. Finding enough stock photos with a similar vibe to create cohesion in your brand is really hard (and can get very expensive). Let’s be honest. You don’t really want to see the same photo on another website offering your same services. That’s what will happen with stock photos.
  6. You’ve forgotten this website is for your audience. You’re building a website to attract them after all! Understand them. Speak their language. Help them. Become the source they go to when they need any answer.
  7. You’ve used a competitor’s website as inspiration for yours. Competitor research IS important AND you have no idea if the website you’re thinking of modelling yours after is even serving that business’s goals. I know may businesses with stunning websites who are struggling to stay afloat. So do research but develop your own strategy on how your website will meet your goals.
  8. You’ve gotten hung up on perfection. The beauty of websites these days is the ability to change content or direction in response to your market and preference. You will evolve. So will your content. Stop waiting for perfection. Take an idea and launch it. Test your market. Course correct as needed!
  9. You have not considered how you plan to drive traffic to your website on a regular basis. The adage, “if you build it, they will come” does not work. Your job is to post engaging, useful, and actionable content that you can share so that your audience comes to your website to read about you and find out how you might help them. Building the website is part one – marketing it and sharing it will ensure success.
  10. You have forgotten that your audience is smart. They can smell a fake a mile away. Be you. Let your brilliance shine through.

You don’t have to go it alone, beautiful. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned from years of working with women and designing websites is that it’s not just a website.

An effective website is supports your business.

That means strategy and data drive the design. An effective website drives revenue, it attracts your perfect fit clients & customers, and it works for you even if you’re not there.

If yours is underperforming or you’re feeling like you could use a refresh, please reach out. I’ve had so many women tell me their website is feeling stale and they’re not quite ready for a full re-do.

I do mini-makeovers all the time. I take what someone else has lovingly built, meet with my client, suss out a new strategy, and tweak your existing website to make it more revenue generating. I’d love to help you too!

Krista Smith

If you are a woman over 40 who owns a small business, you understand how important it is to have your website, social media, and email marketing working for you while you sleep. I'm Krista Smith. Here at Activate Her Awesome, I have a proven framework that I use to develop websites and marketing plans that work so you can attract new leads and increase your sales.

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