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3 Hacks To Get More Traffic On Your Website From Just One Post

How to Easily Repurpose your Content to Get Multiple Shares via Krista Smith at
3 Hacks to get more traffic on your website from just one post via Krista Smith at

A couple of weeks ago over on Instagram I asked my audience what kinds of tutorials they wanted from me. I wanted to know what I teach you in order to make your life easier.

My good friend Corinne asked this:

Do you have any tech shortcuts for repurposing content and easily switching up graphics and text so it looks fresh and different upon multiple shares?

Yes, Corinne. I absolutely do.

So I love this questions for SO many reasons. The biggest one is that many online business owners don’t understand that even though you’re only creating one piece of content (for that week or month), you are missing opportunities if you don’t get it geared up for multiple shares!

What do I mean? SO glad you asked.

Even though you only create a piece of content once, you can actually repurpose it and send it out again and again on different social media channels. For example, let’s say your audience is on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

You write a blog post that you KNOW will help them and attract more of the kinds of clients you most want to work with. Your blog post has a graphic that is posted with it – a visual that also serves as click bait for people to click on when they see it on social media. Instead of only ONE visual — I’m suggesting and showing you how to make three for each post.

Why do you want 3? You’re not JUST going to share your blog post once on Facebook (and close your eyes tight and pray the algorithm will serve it up to those who need it). It’s worth WAY more than one small share.

All you need to do is change up the graphic a wee bit, create a bit of a different title for it and you’ll be able to send it out again. By doing this you’ll maybe encourage people who took a pass the first time, to take a look the second time.

That’s the gold, girls. Once they’re on your website, there’s a greater chance they’ll look into what you do and how you might be the person to help them with their struggles. Cue new clients.

You can dig into the tutorial here. All you’ll need is a free Canva account, access to Google, and some stock or brand photos that lend a visual vibe to your graphics!

How to Easily Repurpose your Content to Get Multiple Shares via Krista Smith at
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