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A Digital DNA Design for the brilliant Michelle MacLean

Today I’d like to introduce you to Michelle MacLean.

Michelle-MacLeanMichelle works primarily with women who are struggling with the effects of sugar. She helps them reclaim their inner sweetness and let go of sugar for good.

Her new signature service, The Sugar Shift, is an eight-week transformational program in exploring how you think and feel about your body, about food, and about sugar.

By signing up to Michelle’s newsletter, you’ll receive her free primer workbook, or Module 0 of the Sugar Shift, with 4 powerful exercises to figure out if you are ready for a Sugar Shift.

I adore how this site came together! It’s totally her.


Let’s dive in and meet her:

What’s the best way to bottom line what you do?

I help women shift their relationship with sugar so they can feel great and live the sweetest life possible.

Let’s pretend we just met on the sidewalk and both of us are free for the afternoon [yes!]. Where would you suggest we go for our first in-real-life conversation?

We’d pop by a local coffee shop and pick ourselves up a cup of goodness then head down to the park for an invigorating walk ‘n talk session.

How do you describe your work?

I’m a certified Wellness Coach and Nutrition Consultant on a mission to help women get free from the negative physical and emotional impacts of sugar, find energy, lightness and ease so they can have the health and vitality to live life to the fullest. I do this through a transformative, sustainable, step-by-step process that includes mind and body detoxing, whole foods nutrition and intuitive eating practices.

What’s the one thing you wish everyone understood about what you do?

That changing your diet and lifestyle is not a quick fix. It’s a mindset shift in how you think and feel about your body, about food, and about sugar.

What’s your favourite place to hangout online right now? Why?

I’m just starting to get my mind around Pinterest but Facebook and twitter are the online spaces I feel most comfy and at home in. I love for the wide range of health and wellness articles.

Close your eyes and think back to your old website. What do you remember?

Lots of blue. A starting point. A generic template. Static content. A place to grow from. Not wholly representative of me and my work.

How is your new website iteration reflective of the work you do?

I truly believe that each aspect of the website – the colours, layout, graphical elements, photos, navigation – all capture the qualities I want to share through my online home and in my work. The qualities of – fresh new hope, caring and warmth, vitality and aliveness, detail and thoroughness, trust and authenticity. A feeling when you land there that you are in the right hands and going to be taken care of.

What kinds of compliments have you received about your new web design?

Gorgeous, absolutely awesome, so sweet, looks amazing, love it, I got an immediate feel of great energy from your front page. Love your picture on the front page. Just beautiful. How awesome and inspiring, It’s totally you and totally impressive. Beautiful site Michelle ! Great to see you sharing your awesomeness! I’m in awe!

What’s one thing you discovered about web strategy/web design/personal branding/technology from working with Krista?

That you need to remember your audience, stay true to your original strategy and don’t let anyone try and steer you from your values.

What do you now know for sure?

That this next step in the evolution of my health coaching practice is exactly where I am meant to be right now.

Here’s a screenshot of Michelle’s new online home:

MIchelle MacLean's web design by Krista Smith

You can visit her site in person here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Michelle. In the comments, both Michelle and I would love to hear your thoughts — on sugar, on her new design, or on her work!


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