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How to Secure Your Wordpress Website via Krista Smith at

Video Tutorial: How to Update WordPress to Secure Your Website

By Krista Smith / November 1, 2015

I had eleven sites hacked last week. Yes, 11. I have three security plugins installed. I thought I had strong usernames and passwords. Turns out, I didn’t. After I got the hack repaired and back up and running (if you don’t already know about the amazing guys at Websavers…you really should check them out for your hosting needs!), I began the tedious process of changing ALL my passwords and at the same time creating much more secure user names. I created a video tutorial for you showing you step-by-step how you can do this for your own site. Please take…

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How to create custom graphics for your blog posts

By Krista Smith / March 10, 2015

All around the interwebs lately I’ve had clients and colleagues ask me how they go about creating a custom graphic for their blog posts. Are you curious why adding an image to your blog post or on social media is a savvy online move? I’ve outlined my top five reasons here: Bigger engagement – it’s true. Your followers or users are much more inclined to engage with you when there is an image attached to your post. I’ve personally seen at least a 5x increase in engagement when I share a an image compared to sharing a text only post.…

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A Digital DNA Design for Insightful Gail Gaspar

By Krista Smith / November 3, 2014

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to Gail Gaspar. Gail is a co-active coach who helps her clients create the lifestyle they crave in the “next-stage” of their lives. Through her own eye-opening transformation, she designed a process of Leading True that enables her clients to navigate business building and career changes with a fulfilling lifestyle outcome in mind. Gail fully believes it is possible to reinvent yourself with a renewed sense of purpose at any stage of life. Don’t you just love that? Let’s meet Gail and get inspired: What’s the best way to bottom line what…

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A Digital DNA Design for the Beautiful Monica Faux-Kota

By Krista Smith / September 23, 2014

Today I’d like to introduce you to Monica Faux-Kota. Monica is a soul-sister. She’s equal parts intuitive, compassionate, genuine, and nurturing. Her web design journey took a little longer than most of my clients. She came to me looking for a dream site for her massage therapy practice. The certifications, courses, and creds Monica has under her belt combined with her passion for supporting women on their journey makes her speciality in empowering women to be the best they can be a perfect fit for her loving personality. One of the things I’ve come to love about working with Monica is that she never stops…

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A Digital DNA Design for the Insightful Lorena Knapp

By Krista Smith / September 22, 2014

Today I’d like to introduce you to Lorena Knapp. Lorena is an Accountability Coach specializing in helping people identify their next steps and creating a plan of action to move forward. What would you be doing if you weren’t waiting for someday? An Accountability Coach (like Lorena!) will help you identify what’s holding you back and create a plan of action to help you move forward.  The thing I love about Lorena is that she walks the walk and talks the talk. She’s a dream chaser and helps her clients chase their own big dreams. Her upcoming group program, Big Life Accountability Support Team…

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A Digital DNA Design for the brilliant Michelle MacLean

By Krista Smith / September 8, 2014

Today I’d like to introduce you to Michelle MacLean. Michelle works primarily with women who are struggling with the effects of sugar. She helps them reclaim their inner sweetness and let go of sugar for good. Her new signature service, The Sugar Shift, is an eight-week transformational program in exploring how you think and feel about your body, about food, and about sugar. By signing up to Michelle’s newsletter, you’ll receive her free primer workbook, or Module 0 of the Sugar Shift, with 4 powerful exercises to figure out if you are ready for a Sugar Shift. I adore how this site came…

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A Digital DNA Design for the Beautiful Amy Kessel

By Krista Smith / June 30, 2014

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to Amy Kessel. She works with women who are moving into a more intentional and authentic way of living and leading. By signing up to her newsletter list, you receive her complimentary Personal Power Assessment which will help you uncover where you can tap into your own personal power. Her intuitive and intellectual ability to hone in and help you negotiate your challenges will leave you craving her compassionate touch. I adore her and her work. Let’s dive in and meet her: What’s the best way to bottom line what you do? I’m a co-conspirator, an…

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Creative Ideas for your 404 Page

By Krista Smith / June 23, 2014

One of the pages you rarely think about is your error page. By intentionally creating a page that your web visitors will land on if they arrive on your site in error, I believe you’ll strengthen your personal brand. You’re illustrating to your clients that you’ve considered every part of the user experience when you customize your 404 error page. Google defines a 404 error as: Google discovers content by following links from one page to another. Generally, a Not Found status error (usually a 404 HTTP status code) is returned when Googlebot attempts to visit a page that doesn’t exist—either…

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Fonts I love for June

By Krista Smith / June 17, 2014

I’m introducing a new monthly series today on font families. Choosing type (or fonts) for your website is an important piece of creating a cohesive personal brand.  When thinking about the fonts you need for your website, you also need to consider web safe fonts. Google has a wide range of web fonts that, when used creatively, can punch up your website to show off your personality. I encourage all my clients to consider readability, size, color, letter spacing, and font weight when looking at fonts. All of these factors can be tweaked to make a big enough difference for you to use…

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Unveiling My New Online Home!

By Krista Smith / June 9, 2014

I’m so excited to show you around my new online home. It’s been a while coming. If you’d prefer to listen to this post, you can do that here. The last year has been amazing. I’ve had the privilege of working with women with whom I’ve developed wonderful friendships. I’ve also had the opportunity to dust off my teaching hat and support the students of Amanda Aiken’s Girls Guide to Web Design. Working with two other incredible women (Stephanie and Katy) made it so awesome — thanks girls!  I’ve learned a ton and a great time doing it. For the past couple of…

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