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An Insiders Look At The Top 10 Tools I Use to Run My Business

I love that I can run my business with a laptop, my iPhone, and a wireless connection. I’d love to say that I can work at the beach but the reality is that sand is not a friend to technology! I can do social media from the beach for sure — not really run my business. I get asked a lot about the tools I choose to use to run my business.

Today I want to give you an insiders peek into my top ten tools I use to run my online business.

An Insiders Look At The Top 10 Tools I Use to Run My Business _ via Krista Smith at

G Suite – My Tool for Email, Calendars, and More

This is the premium version of Gmail, called G Suite. If you’re using a free email address provided by your web host, I recommend taking some time to check out G Suite. Your email should never be tied directly to your hosting. Think about it: if you get hacked, your email will also be compromised. Bad news. The great thing about G Suite is that it’s not just email. It comes with Google Calendar, Google Drive (for storing and sharing documents), and a myriad of other services. Totally worth the $5/month investment. {Kindly note: NONE of the links in this post include affiliate links – I’m sharing all freely with no compensation. I love them THAT much!)

Mailchimp – My Tool for Email Marketing

To send emails to my growing list, I use and love Mailchimp. They keep me professional and on the right side of the Can-Spam Act and GDPR with a double opt-in and a place to unsubscribe safely in every email. I also adore how I can use it with the form plugin I use on my website, Gravity forms, to add people to my Mailchimp Lists and Groups once they sign up for a content upgrade, a workshop, one of my retreats, or a course.

Dropbox – My Tool for File Sharing

To share and manage files, I use Dropbox. I love that it gives others the ability to collaborate and comment on documents and files within the shared folder. For me, this is crucial for keeping projects on track.

Temi My Tool for Transcribing

I LOVE Temi. This is one tool that has changed the way I do business in 2018. I can be fully present on any call that I’m recording (I use Zoom — see below — to record all client interactions) and send off the audio of our call to be transcribed and emailed back to me in under ten minutes (even if it’s a 90-minute call!). I can easily pull ideas, information, and proposals together by using the client’s exact words.

Acuity – My Tool for Scheduling

Another tool that shifted my business in 2018 is Acuity Scheduling. With a simple link in my email signature, I rarely spend time in my inbox trying to schedule meetings. I can ask clients to book themselves in. I can easily manage my availability and it syncs seamlessly with Google Calendar or iCal.

Camtasia – My Tool for Video or Screen Recording

I record all my screencasts and video tutorials with Camtasia by Tech Smith. It’s easy to navigate interface and editing options make creating tutorials for my own audience easy and fast.

Zoom – My Tool for Webinars/Conference Rooms

I adore Zoom conferencing. I use it for 1:1 coaching calls, meetings with my clients, virtual retreats, group coaching, break out rooms during a virtual workshop, board meetings and even webinars! The myriad of ways you can use this platform to build your business is endless.

Canva – My Tool for Graphics

I use Canva for Work for my social media graphics, blog post graphics, and typically set up templates for my custom website clients to replicate for their graphics so they don’t stray from their brand. I love the upgraded version because you can export transparent backgrounds and I can upload custom web fonts to use.

Vimeo – My Tool for Hosting my Video Content

When I want to embed video on my website (tech tutorials or screencasts or even recording of webinars), I use Vimeo. I prefer it because I don’t like ads (You Tube seems to have ads on every video nowadays) and I can replace a video after it has been uploaded without losing that video’s statistics. I also really like that I can password protect content. This comes in very handy when I’m reviewing content with clients and want to keep it hidden or private for just the two of us.

Evernote – My Tool for Organization

Evernote is another key to my business. All of blog posts get written here (like this one!). I develop my editorial calendars in here. I save snippets of code I use and reuse. I use it to save PDF’s, bookmark websites or articles I want to refer back to, keep an updated list of relevant hashtags I want to be using, manage my virtual to-do list, and brainstorm any notes. I’d pretty much be lost without this App. I love that it syncs with my phone, tablet, and computer. I can start a note on my phone and then when I’m home, finish it on my computer.

There you have it! These aren’t the only tools I use to run my business but they are the ones I depend on daily.

I’m curious — do you have any that you would add? Let me know in the comments!
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