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How To Get Over Your Fear of Doing Video

Can you believe that August is ALMOST over? I’ve had the best summer – no big travel and lots of staycation mini moments.

Today I wanted talk about a hot topic – video – and include my thoughts on why I think so many women are ambivalent to using it on social media.


I’ve been having some REAL results and conversations happening on Instagram using video over the summer. I can tell you for sure that the most significant portion of my revenue since June has come directly from Instagram.

I want to share my own experience in hopes that it can help you find your way to video whether you’re on Insta, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

The first story I told myself was that I needed to change something about my appearance before before I could go on video (cue lose weight, do hair and makeup, have a professional backdrop – sound familiar?)

Well, that was inner critic (hello body positivity!). Once I acknowledged this was all in my head from my sneaky inner critic, I got over it.

The second reason that I had made up why I don’t want to or can’t do video is because I’m not engaging.

I went on to believe that I had nothing to talk about and that no one would care what I have to say.

I admired the hell out of people who could just get on there and talk.

The truth behind that is that I am engaging and it was my inner critic again, quieting me, trying to keep me safe, saying it’s okay, Krista, you know, you just stay in this comfort zone here.

In reality, I DO have something to say and I do have something to teach and I want to serve more people and I want to help them. Connecting to this deeper truth helped me conquer the fear of not being engaging enough.

The third big story I told myself is that you can’t do video if you’re an introvert.

It’s just too much energy to manage. It’s too extroverted. All these women I see killing it on video are SO extroverted. THAT’s why they look so confident.

This was bullsh*t. In late April of this year I began taking this amazing Instagram course called Manifest Being Seen. One of the first weeks the instructors were trying to get us to do more video. They were modelling how easy it is to just get on your stories and start talking or just getting more video out there. And I, being the introvert, asked the question.

How do you balance being an introvert and doing video?

The thing that struck was they both appeared to be introverted and yet they’re doing this amazing job of video. So what piece was I missing? What didn’t I understand? What was I not getting?

Chris-Anne and Becca (the instructors) answered me in one of the live videos: “How much more introverted do you need to be? It’s just you and your phone?”

Boom. Mic Drop.

This was a HUGE perspective shift for me. Upon processing this ON video one evening, I also came to another conclusion. Turning off ALL notifications on my phone was also a big AHA. So I don’t see if someone likes my posts or comments until I go into the app itself. That one little setting also protects my introvert energy.

What I really want to share with you today is that you CAN do video and if you’re looking for some Instagram help along the way, I highly recommend you look at taking Manifest Being Seen. In fact, I’ve NEVER been an affiliate for any course before. And I am for this one. THAT’s how much I believe in it.

I know I show up fully, more present on video these days. I would also say it’s like anything that needs practice to improve; the more video you do, the better you get at it.

The perfectly staged videos on Insta? I’m not as interested in them because I know how many times they probably had to take that video to get it perfect or how much time or money they had to spend editing it to get it perfect.

When you see me, you see authentic, real, genuine me. I think that that’s why it feels so easy. 

I want to challenge you: if being an introvert is one of the big reasons that you have not stepped up to the video game, find a comfy place in front of a beautiful window (natural lighting is the BEST) and set your phone there so that you can record yourself.

It’s just you looking at your phone.

That’s all you have to do. Then post it and watch the connections grow. There is the start of a genuine sales funnel. Also: sign up for Manifest Being Seen if you want to understand how to grow your Instagram authentically + organically.

I’m curious though — what’s stopping you from doing more video? Let me know in the comments!


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