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How to Write An About Page for My Website

I’m working with several clients right now who are deep into developing a successful brand strategy as we are building their websites and when it comes to their about page, they are unsure of what to add and how to make it attractive + appealing for their audience.

Today’s blog post will take you step by step through how you can write an effective about page particularly for your service based business.

I hope this doesn’t come as a complete surprise but your about page is actually not about you at all. (I know, right? BIG happy sigh!)

The About Page should (mostly) be about your audience and how you can help them. It is often one of the most visited pages on your website and as such, you’ll want to ensure that it captures who you are while encouraging your target audience to work with you, sprinkled with just the right about of personality, intrigue, and results.


Today, I’m going to be sharing eight simple steps that, when combined, will create an effective about page that will introduce and capture your audience’s attention while positioning you as the expert to solve their problem.


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1. Opt-in or a Book Your Free Consult Button

If your website goal is lead generation and you plan to market to a newsletter list, this is a perfect place for you to say, “Hey, join my newsletter list!” This high value real estate at the very top of your website and you don’t want to waste it. If you are in a service based business where you want to sell a one-to-one service and the most important thing for you is to book people into your calendar, then ensure that this call to action is actually more of a, “Hey, grab your spot by booking your free consult right now!”

You can use this one line to punch up your personality. Find the best way to make it feel and sound like you while serving your website goal.

2. A Branded Action Photo

Ideally, this is a photo of you, in your element, so that your audience can get a sense of the depth and breadth of your work. When your audience lands here and sees this image, you want them to immediately get a sense of what it’s like to be a part of your community. This doesn’t have to be a group photo if you’re not into group work. This can be an individual photo of you with a powerful point of view statement over it. This could be a photo of your work (although having a photo you with YOU in it, will be much better for website conversions).

3. First Paragraph of Copy

This serves as an introductory paragraph about you. Start with a headline that explains your mission or your work and keep it less than 80 words.

This section serves to introduce you and the work that you do. You could answer the question, ” I am here to…”, or “I know I am here to…”, or “My mission is…”. Following that you will want two short paragraphs that support the headline that you wrote.

4. Headshot & Deeper Dive into the Personal/Professional

This is where you want to add a professional headshot of yourself with a deeper glance into your personality or professional expereince. Use these paragraphs to highlight your passions and your personality and show them the real you. Let them in; get a little bit vulnerable. Let them know a quirky fact or two. You can also use this space to highlight your distinctions, qualifications, and credentials.

5. Build Connection

Now it’s time to start talking to the people that you want to work with. Begin with a headline that speaks directly to your people. In the paragraph that is under that headline, you want to talk about the work that you do and why you are the perfect person to offer the solution that they’ve been looking for.

In this second content section, you may even decide, instead of a paragraph, to add a bulleted list of similar characteristics that you find common amongst people who are ready to work with you. Alternatively, you could add a, “We might be a good fit if…” followed by a list. You could also use this space to counter objections that your audience has made up in their mind regarding why they’re not ready to fix their problem. The sky is the limit here! Your goal in this section is to build a connection between their problem and position you as the solution to that problem.

6. Social Proof

In this section you will want to add a couple or as many as three to five testimonials or even screenshots of people praising your work (on Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or wherever they’re talking about you!). By adding social proof to your about page, you’re helping your audience make a decision by giving them the opportunity to weigh their problems against others who’ve already experienced success by working with you.

7. Call To Action

At this point on your page your audience has a sense of who you are. They know a little bit about you, your personality, and your unique skill set and credentials. They have a sense how you can help them. They’ve read your social proof.This is now your opportunity to lead them to the next logical place or to inspire them to take whatever action you want them to take next. Typically this looks like showing the ways that they can work with you.The bottom line is that you want to encourage them take to to the next level with you, whatever that looks like for you business.

8. Opt-In

This is a great opportunity to add an opt-in where people can decide to receive your newsletter or a last call to action button that serves your website goals. So whether you’re focussed on lead generation or getting people into conversation so that they can hire you, make sure that you highlight a way to stay in conversation with you if they’re not quite ready work with you yet. It’s important to have a final opportunity for them to get on your list or to get in your calendar so that you can have a conversation with them and take them to the next level.

That’s it! Tackle each section on its own and you’ll be well on your way to writing your own highly effective about page.

Want the pdf? Click the photo below to get yours!

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Krista Smith

Hi there, I'm Krista. My mission is to inspire confidence and clarity in every woman with a passion-fueled idea. I offer solutions that expand those ideas into an online business with systems, strategy, and success.


  1. Deborah Penner on January 6, 2019 at 11:26 pm

    Krista, this is gold! A good (and brave) friend recently took a look at my about page out of curiosity a couple days ago and told me that some of it felt spiky to her … at first I didn’t track with her but when she told me what she meant – that I downplay myself and disparagingly reference myself as a late bloomer to the tech world – I immediately knew what she meant and more importantly, I knew in that moment why I have been drawing clients to me who are hesitant, tentative about their offerings and not wanting to pay me what I’ve come to know my work is worth.

    I read this in September with clients in mind. I returned with my site, my intentions in mind. I am excited to begin with the revisions – well, the rebrand of my site. I realize the site is 4 years old and I have grown. No longer necessary to be tentative about what I offer, and how I express in the world. I’ve moved from tentative maybe kind of love to fierce, and am looking to marry fierce with the soft that some people require.

    Thank you for your ongoing presence. and for being a place I can always reference and grow both into and from.

    Big Love n~~

    • Krista Smith on January 15, 2019 at 1:10 pm

      Deborah! I’m SO happy you’ve found this helpful. I can’t wait to see what unfolds for you and your own offerings!!


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