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Three Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Website

In the rapidly changing world of online business, your website is likely your #1 central hub for all your marketing efforts. You’re clients and customers are finding you at your online home and when that online home doesn’t feel quite like the home you want it to and you don’t have the funds for a complete re-design it’s easy to want to hide your head in the sand and pretend that you haven’t noticed it is in need of some TLC.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 3 simple things you can do (totally on your own) to improve your website today.

  1. Update your blog post featured images:

    Take some time and go back through your most recent blog posts and update (or create!) images incorporating new photos along with the title of your blog post and your website particulars.This makes it super easy for people to find you when they see a pin on Pinterest or if they see your featured image on Instagram. Even if you aren’t using those platforms, your clients & customers may be and they could be sharing it there. Don’t forget to optimize your images for SEO while you’re at it!
  2. Break up your content into chunks:

    People read differently online. They scan and skim the pieces of text while looking for what is relevant to them. Studies have proven that visitors spend about 2.6 seconds skimming your content before focussing on a particular part that’s engaging to them. That means you need to get more creative with your content.Go through each page on your website and where you can, start using numbered and bulleted lists. Use subheadings so that your audience can more quickly skim to find what they want. Use bolded text, italics,  and pops of color to highlight. Make your content consumable and accessible. This might mean a complete reorganization of your content, removing large pieces, and re-purposing them as blog posts. It’s all doable and easy to manage on your own.
  3. Add hyperlinks that link back to previous content or to a current service or product:

    Hyperlinks are a type of link that connects a word or phrase on a webpage to another web page (or source of information). By referencing other posts or pages on your website, a hyperlink has the ability to keep readers on your site for longer. You can use these effectively on your own website as breadcrumbs leading your visitor from one page to the next.When you’re mentioning the kinds of work that you do, you can use those words to create an opportunity for your visitor to investigate further (see how easy that is?). Have a look through your web copy and see where you can add in some structure in how you lead people though your website and right to your call to action.

If you take a few minutes every day over the next couple of weeks and complete these three things, you’ll feel much better about your website and less hesitant to share until you’re ready to invest in a new design.

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