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One of the Secrets to Building a Successful Online Business

I am so damn excited to share something with you that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks.

Over the past year I’ve personally led two in-person retreats and co-led two others. I’ve watched what happens when women gather, dive deep into their businesses, reconnect with their vision, and build an intentional strategy for their business growth.

I LOVE the energy at the retreats I’ve been a part of. It’s nourishing, reflective, and necessary. Other than January, how often do you honestly dedicate time to work ON your business and not in it?

Today I’m sharing with you one of the secrets to building a successful online business.

I’m talking about taking time to retreat. Yes, bosses. A business retreat.

I’ve created a FREE guide for for next business retreat. You’ll need about a day and a half (I’ve included prep + travel time in there!) to complete it.

This was the first piece of  feedback I received from one of my beta testers:

Wow! It’s so much more than I ever could have imagined. I never thought it would entail honouring myself & going away! I love that.

If you’re craving dedicated time to reflect, strategize, and activate your own business, this guide is for you.

This retreat is set up exactly how I’d run a retreat if you were in person with me. It includes the framework and deluxe experience you NEED to take a break from working in your business to working on it. You’ll be able to step away from indecision and learn to leverage your own sweet spot so you can provide even more value for the clients you adore.

I only have one question: ARE YOU READY TO RETREAT?

You can instantly download your very own copy right here:



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Krista Smith

Hi there, I'm Krista. My mission is to inspire confidence and clarity in every woman with a passion-fueled idea. I offer solutions that expand those ideas into an online business with systems, strategy, and success.

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