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How Crystals Work and Which 5 Every Boss Needs to Keep Close By

Minerals, gems, and crystals have been used as tools for manifesting and healing for hundreds of years.

They can help physical and emotional blockages. Personally, I like to utilize the benefits of healing gemstones and crystals to promote my own free flowing + positive energy. I believe the natural energy and metaphysical properties of the healing stones are working all the time to balance my mind, body and soul.

The crystals not only hold my intentions but actually help manifest them faster.

Think about it. Think about how grounded you feel after you take a walk in nature. When you feel the solid earth beneath your feet. That clarity and focus that comes alive.

For centuries before modern medicine, people have been using the properties of certain places on earth for their healing benefits. What we know now is that crystals and gems are one of the sources of that healing. These rocks have been buried for billions of years. They hold the earth’s secrets inside them. Ancient civilizations have used their energy for healing by finding the guidance they required beneath their feet.

Imagine — you can garner the power of these stones that have been infused with the earth’s energy just by holding them in your hand, wearing them, or keeping them close to infuse their energy in your space.

Mega powerful juju, right? How do I use them?

Some I wear as jewellery. Some polished stones I slip in my bra or my pockets. My larger geodes or rough cut crystals find homes in my office, bedroom, and all around my home. I have a special small citrine quartz crystal I keep in my wallet. I taken them with me when I travel and give them as gifts.

I keep them close and set my intention with them. I charge them under the light of the full moon each lunar cycle.

I love embracing the woo. Especially when I’ve experienced that the woo works. The running joke with my friends and colleagues is asking me which crystals are on me at any given moment :)

Today I’m introducing you to my 5 favourite crystals for creative entrepreneurs.

CITRINE#1. CITRINE – this stone is one that in historic times merchants kept in their cash drawer to attract more business. This one works like crazy. Whenever I’m looking for a little extra business or a new client I set my intention with my crystal and it never fails that a new opportunity lands in my inbox within a couple of days. My husband (also an entrepreneur and totally not into the woo) loves his citrine. He even recently purchased a beautiful larger geode from the Congo for his office!

CLEAR QUARTZ#2. CLEAR QUARTZ – this crystal is great for clarity. it can energize and activate the energy centres within the body. It can help you to focus and become clear about your dreams and desires. Clear Quartz also is an amplifier. It can boost the energy of the other crystals in its vicinity. BONUS!

FLUORITE#3. FLUORITE – this beautiful stone is fabulous at helping you make decisions. I use it to reduce the chaos and disorder that can sometimes creep in my mind. As a creative entrepreneur, I find my mind is always going and dreaming up what’s next for my business. Fluorite can clear the clutter to help me get focussed so I can make sound decisions. I can then activate my awesome ideas and bring my plans to fruition!

AQUAMARINE#4. AQUAMARINE – this crystal is often called the manifestation stone. The beautiful light-blue color of aquamarine reminds us of the ocean. Clear, with a strong, deep, endless pull it’s a powerful crystal for making things happen. Aquamarine offers courage, strength, clarity, creativity and closure. What creative doesn’t love a little of that?

BLACK ONYX#5. BLACK ONYX – this is a fabulous protection stone. It works to protect the mind and body from electromagnetic energy. It can absorb and transform negative energy, helping to prevent that drain of personal energy (think particularly draining client!) I keep this baby close to me when I need to have a difficult conversation and to prevent energy vampires from sucking my good energy away!

That’s my round up! Five crystals to get your collection started. I’d love to hear which crystals you keep close by and why!

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  1. Ashlee on October 6, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    Great post! I always have a crystal either on me or somewhere near. I’m going to set some intentions with the crystals you suggested! Thanks for sharing!

    • Krista Smith on October 7, 2016 at 12:58 pm

      Thanks Ashlee!! I love connecting with others who have crystals near too :)

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