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Digital DNA captures who you really are, what you really do.

“Web presence” is one thing.  I do “web essence.”  Fully you, in all your awesome, showcasing your business and positioning your brand for your right people.

Of course I talk tech – but more importantly, my training as a coach means I ask the right questions, probe a little deeper, and understand the passion it takes to have found your thing and make your mark. That’s what Digital DNA will do – go deep, get real, get it right, and get it all online.

Not sure what you need?  Let’s connect and have a conversation, see if the magic is there. I want you to have the best fit for you because I know how personal this is for you. If we find out we’re a brilliant match…look out world!

Services – WordPress web design or Shopify e-commerce

Creativity & Collaboration. Impact & Innovation. That’s what we’ll do.


Sound-Like-You-This package is my full custom experience of creating a website that’s all about you. It’s my honest, genuine, and supportive process of personal branding that creates a website that shows who you really are and what your business is really about. You get web designer, coach and teacher – all in one!
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The above package assume you have your own domain and a hosting package. I prefer to use the company I work with all the time to provide hosting. Basically, a domain is going to cost you about $15 a year and hosting is about $120 a year. If you are not using the company I work with as your service provider, there may be an additional fee of $89 added to your package. This covers the extra time and attention I’ll need to figure out how to work with your provider. If you’ve got neither a domain nor a hosting account (yay!), I’ll absolutely be able to walk you through the entire process.


Website in a Week with Krista SmithThis my entry level starter website. Get all the details HERE.


Services – coaching


If you’ve read about me, you’ll know I’m a teacher by education, a coach by training and a web designer by passion. I’m delighted to offer you what you’ve been asking for a coaching experience that is me + you, diving deep into your creative business.  I’ll help you:

  • highlight your gifts
  • identify & attract your ideal client
  • create services that sell
  • code happiness right into your business model.

You’re ready to take your business to the next level – if you could just get past those obstacles.

Whatever it is that’s standing in your way, let’s cure that hang-up, clear that logjam, slay that dragon so you can barge into your right people’s world and offer up your awesome.

Ready to work together?


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