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How I use a Quiz to create a Passive Income Stream

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a quiz platform that has wow’d me from the get-go.

Interact is an online software tool that helps you generate leads and drive sales using quizzes.

I’ve been pondering what it would be like to use a quiz to bring more of my just right clients into my world, grow my reach, and create some passive income.

Since I’ve done it, I want to give you the inside scoop.


I’m always hesitant to use a platform for the first time. And it’s important that I constantly try new tools so I can best support the women I work with.

From the first moment the team at Try Interact came on my radar, I’ve had nothing less than stellar customer service.

From my point of initial contact right through to the troubleshooting of a little glitch when publishing my quiz, it never took more than 30 minutes for someone from the Try Interact team to get in touch. They went out of their way to ensure a successful launch and never dropped the ball. Each person I’ve been in contact with from website chat to software engineers have made my experience more than delightful.

I already had an idea for a personality quiz before I even heard of the team at Try Interact so creating the content for the quiz was easy. I’ll be honest here too — the hardest part for me was sourcing the stock photography I used for the images on the quiz. Once that was done though, putting it together was a breeze.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I developed my personality quiz by starting with the results. I identified six brand essences that my clients fit into. I wrote up a description of each result and found a stock photo that represented each of the six personality types.
  2. I developed seven questions for each with a correlating result to a specific brand essence personality.
  3. I sourced or created images for almost all the possible answers. (The helpful team at Try Interact let you know that your conversion rates go up dramatically if you can associate an image with the answers to your questions.) If you’re doing the math, that’s about 42 images. (I told you the hardest part was sourcing images!)
  4. I started to copy and paste my questions and upload my possible answers on the Try Interact platform.
  5. I created six hidden pages on my website each with specific suggestions for each brand essence personality. This is where I gave the most information. I linked to each of these pages on the results page of the quiz.
  6. I customized the branding so that it was consistent & cohesive with my own brand aesthetic.
  7. I integrated the quiz with my newsletter provider and synced it with my list.
  8. I published the quiz and embedded it on my website using their handy WordPress plugin.
  9. I created a beautifully branded e-book with every brand essence to be a companion for those interested in learning about each of them and specific examples of how you could bring them to life online. This was the passive income key.
  10. I added a button to each page of results on my website for those who were interested in learning about all six brand essence personalities. The button linked to my payment gateway of choice for this opportunity (Send Owl).
  11. I published the quiz, configured the payment gateway, and while I was writing this blog post, I was watching my phone light up with notification of sales.
    P A S S I V E I N C O M E. Done.

Now I won’t get into the details of how I set up my newsletter provider ( I use Mailchimp) to activate a warm lead series to any new subscribers who came into my funnel from this quiz but I will tell you that I’m thrilled with the results I’ve seen so far.

Honestly…having a company like Try Interact on my side to help me reach more people is just a no-brainer.

If you’d like to create your own quiz (and possibly some passive income), but you don’t know where to start, I’d love to work with you to map it out. Check out my RoadMapping session.

I truly hope this post inspires you to investigate how you can use a quiz to expand your reach and create some passive income.

Here’s is some early feedback:

I. Love. This. — Janet Hoover

What a great quiz and such a wealth of cool ideas and info at the end. Thanks Krista, this is an awesome resource! — Michelle MacLean

Did it. Love this Quiz Krista Smith… it was ”bang on” for me!!! — Wendy Jones

p.s. – If you want to try out Interact, this is my affiliate link. The link in this post is NOT an affiliate link. I just really want you to check it out. xo, K

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