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How Content Upgrades Can Help You Grow Your List

Does this sound familiar? You’ve been getting out there and writing blog posts. You’ve been showing up in Facebook groups answering questions and showing your expertise. You’ve been supportive and much more “out there” than your typical introverted self usually is. But, your email list isn’t growing like you expected.

One of the tools you can use to grow your list is to begin employing content upgrades.

What exactly is a content upgrade and how do they work?

A content upgrade is a bonus piece of information that further supports the piece of content that it’s related to.

One of the ways I’ve been successfully using content upgrades to grow my list is to provide a bonus worksheet that relates directly to my blog post and having it available to my audience as an instant download in exchange for their name and email address.

Today I’m sharing one of the BEST ways in which I’ve used content upgrades in the past several months to grown my list.

The first step I took was noticing which posts are driving the most traffic to my website and then creating a content upgrade for that specific piece of content. For example, I wrote a post back in February called “THE GMAIL HACK THAT WILL SAVE TIME WHEN REPLYING TO CLIENTS” and it happens to be the post that continues to drive the most traffic to my website (it’s here if you want to read it!). When I realized it was a popular post I added in a content upgrade enabling my audience to download a copy of the exact script I used in the video tutorial accompanying the post. Boom — easy + done. Now that post is working while I sleep to add new subscribers to my newsletter list.

Here’s a quick tutorial of three recent content upgrades I did to show you how they work:

Enter your name and email here to get instant access to a video tutorial showing you how I use Gravity Forms and Mailchimp to deliver content upgrades:

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