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3 Mistakes you Might be Making that May be a Total Turn Off

In the past few weeks I’ve heard from different bosses that their lists aren’t growing. No new subscribers means your audience isn’t engaged with your message and it could even mean clients and customers won’t be able to find you. It seems like this is a common pain point with many coaches and creative entrepreneurs these days.

The first thing I want you to know is that you are not alone. It’s true. (I know, right? Thank goodness!) Finding a way to connect with your audience is all about experimentation and research. You may even have been consistently blogging for quite some time now but are feeling a little frustrated that your efforts are not translating to new subscribers.

In today’s post, I’m talking to you about three mistakes you might be making on your blog that could be preventing you from gaining new subscribers or even new leads.

Mistake #1 – You’re talking about yourself too much.

You and I both know that you’ve already conquered this thing you do and it’s the exact reason WHY your clients will want to work with you. The thing is, pretty lady, we know you’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirt. We’re coming to your blog because we want to find out how you can help US. Yes your story is important (and belongs on your about page for sure). More importantly, you’ve got the creds, skills, passions, knowledge and expertise your audience is looking for. But if you’re only sharing your OWN story, however will we know you’re capable of helping us?

Instead of talking about yourself, talk to your ideal client. Let her know you get what it’s like to be in her shoes and offer valuable content that she will gobble up. (Kinda like this post — eh?)

Mistake #2 You spend your social media energy only promoting your own things

Try thinking about social media as the digital playground it is. Think back to when you were a little girl and you went to the playground. Those who made good friends did so by being helpful and sharing. If you were her you likely pushed younger kids on the swings. You probably encouraged others that they too can climb the slide stairs to go down all on their own. You likely even championed those who fell and scraped their knee.

Fast forward to today — when you’re showing up on social media are you showing your expertise by being as helpful as you can whenever someone posts a question? Are you giving away tips from your own toolbox for free every chance you get? Are you abundantly sharing and commenting on other’s blogs without expectation that they’ll return the favour? Don’t toot your own horn all the time. Yes it’s important to share your point of view and offerings. It’s more important to get others to share it for you and you can accomplish this by becoming known for your expertise. So go on and get social!

Mistake #3 You emulate influencers who you think are successful

Have you got a girl crush? Do you see someone of influence in your field of expertise that is (from your vantage point) just rockin’ it? Have you fallen into the trap of copying their tactics in hopes it will bring you success too? Oh, honey. We’ve all tried this. Here’s why it won’t work: firstly I doubt your audience will want the same things. Your audience wants you your way. Her audience wants her, her way.

It shouldn’t surprise you that a strategy that worked for her won’t work for you. Secondly, you’ve made an assumption that a particular tactic worked for her. You don’t actually know for sure. It may have been a complete flop and here you are trying to do the same thing!

What you need to do instead is engage with your audience and find out what they need for support. Start a conversation. Develop your own ideas. Implement and execute. Get support where you need it. The faster you can launch your ideas your way, the faster you’ll reap the rewards.

I’d love to know if any of these mistakes hit close to home and how else I can help. Because I believe in you and your work.

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