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3 Podcast Episodes That Should Be Required Listening For Girl Bosses

I’ve done the homework for you , ladies. I’ve been listening to podcasts all summer long. I’ve made you a digital playlist with my favorites that’ll help you grow your business (I like to think of it as a mixed tape for bosses).

Today I’m introducing you to three different episodes from three different podcasts that (in my opinion) should be required listening for anyone looking to build a successful online business.

Profit Power Pursuit with Tara Gentile - a podcast recommended by Krista Smith, ActivateHerAwesome.comFirstly, I’d like to introduce you to Profit, Power, Pursuit with Tara Gentile.

This podcast, from Creative Live, is my current go to for all things marketing and profitability.

Tara gets it. She’s been where you are and has built her successful business around her lifestyle. Her interview style is direct, succinct, and powerful. She asks great open ended questions that get her guests talking openly about their own businesses.

The episode I recommend you listen to right away is #35 Growing Your Audience the Easy Way with Tim Paige.

If you’re at all focussed on list building, this episode is for you. In it you’ll hear the senior conversion editor at Lead Pages, Tim Paige. I love how he talks about the difference between not focussing on increasing traffic to your website (as a way of increasing your sales) but instead focus your efforts on conversion optimization. Ummmm — can I get a hell, ya?!

He also gives very specific and easy-to-implement ideas to re-engage your audience and build your list. Have a listen — it’ll help you see how easy list building can be.

Reach with Val Geilser - a podcast recommended by Krista Smith, ActivateHerAwesome.comNext I’d like to introduce you to Val Geisler of Reach.

Reach is the Convert Kit Podcast that focusses on the specific steps taken and the hurdles overcome from thriving businesses owners making the most out of their reach.

Val’s casual and conversational approach makes you feel like you’re sitting beside her during the interview.

The episode I recommend you listen to right away is #13 Better Sales Through Listening with Racheal Cook.

In this episode, Racheal shares how you can effectively develop courses & interact with your audience while tweaking your offerings to bring in more profit. She highlights the importance of market research when you’re building your business. The best part is how she breaks down how to plan a blog post series (especially for a launch). Gold nuggets in this one, ladies!

Being Boss with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson - a podcast recommended by Krista Smith, ActivateHerAwesome.comThe third podcast I’d like to highlight today is Being Boss with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. 

Being Boss focusses on being you, unapologetically, and living the boss lifestyle with the boss mindset.

Their style is charming and badass. They’re not afraid to be candid, vulnerable, and say exactly what’s on their mind while empowering their followers to do the work and be boss.

The episode I recommend you listen to right away is #36 How to Set Goals Like a Boss with Paul Jarvis.

In this episode Kathleen and Emily talk with Paul Jarvis about how to set goals. They all honestly share what the goal setting process is truly like for each of them. It’s really refreshing because you get to see how different personalities set realistic goals. And, ladies. We all need goals. And for me, a former teacher, September feels like a great time of year to set goals. MUCH more than January ever does. My hunch is that you might like to set goals in September too :)

And now, friend. I turn to you. What episodes of what podcasts inspire you?

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