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10 Things You Can Do Monthly to Keep Your Online Business Flourishing

When was the last time you really sat down with your business and gave it the love it deserves? We get so caught up in serving clients & customers, engaging on social media, and, I don’t know, the hustle that sometimes we forget to work ON our businesses instead of working in it.

Today I’m sharing the 10 things that I do monthly in my business to make sure it’s flourishing.

  1. Past Client Check-in

    I like to take some time and check in with my recently completed clients to see how they’re making out. I’ll touch base via email (or a voice memo) and ask how things are going. I’ll inquire how I might be able to support them. I don’t know about you but my clients become regular fixtures in my inbox and when we’re complete, I don’t like to just cut off all communication. It’s important to stay in touch so I can gauge interest in future offers I may be considering. I can get ideas for blog posts. I can ask for referrals. I can ensure they’re completely satisfied.You can even go back six months. Everyone likes to hear from you long after you’ve completed — just because.

  2. Tracking Income and Expenses

    I can guarantee you’ll thank me for this at tax time. What I like to do at the end of every month is make sure I track all my expenses, adding receipts and monthly expenses (think Mailchimp, Google Apps, Adobe, Memberships etc.). This helps me realize whether or not I’m using them to their fullest potential and if they are a wise investment or if it’s time to let them go. I also complete any necessary invoicing and ensure I have all payments up-to-date.

  3. Website Back Up

    This is also the time I like to make sure I take a complete backup of my entire site. Currently I’m using the incredible (and completely free – because it’s included with my hosting package!) backup service that my incredible host provides. You may also be using the ever popular BackupBuddy plugin. Either works!

  4. Website Updates

    If you haven’t been updating your theme, plugins, and possibly even version of WordPress as they’ve become available, I suggest doing this at month end too. Simply login to your website and perform your updates. I recommend plugins first, then theme(s), and finally any WordPress core updates. Please, please, P L E A S E do not forget to take your backup first (in case anything should go wrong!)

  5. Consult with Your Subscribers

    Login to your newsletter provider and take some time to look at your at your audience’s behavior over the past month. What are they opening the most? Where are you providing engaging content? What else can you deliver of similar quality? What is compelling enough to make your subscribers click through? Where do you want them to click through but they’re not? What do you need to tweak?

  6. Investigate Your Monthly Analytics

    Login to your Google Analytics. Take a look at your Site Content (all pages) and Behavior Flow. Identify what pages and posts are getting the most traffic. What kinds of content is your audience really interested in? Can you add incentives/further calls to action to those pages to bring them further into your sales funnel? What opportunities do you see?

  7. Develop One Process

    What is one process you can commit to honing this month that will save time if you automate it?How can you develop a system that will make duplicating this process SO much easier?

  8. Reflect on Your Goals

    Take some time and really sit with your monthly and yearly goals. How close are you to hitting your goals? What do you need to shake up, hustle, or otherwise adjust to course correct?

  9. New Skill

    Identify and learn on one NEW skill. What is one thing you are interested in learning? Take it on!

  10. Develop Content Strategy for Next Month

    Brainstorm your content and social media strategy for the next month. Need ideas? Look in your inbox/sent folder for answers you provide to client/customers. Look at the comments on your blog posts. What is your audience looking to learn from you?

I hope these 10 things will help you activate your own awesome business.

If you’d like the FREE printable of my Monthly Business Checklist, you can instantly download yours right here:

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