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Your Website Just Launched — NOW WHAT? Three Ways to Generate Revenue

You’ve JUST launched your website? Congratulations. It’s a huge accomplishment to get your brand out into the world. One of my greatest privileges is to watch my client come alive as she shows off her new online home to the world.

Recently I’ve noticed is a kind of vulnerability hangover once these beautiful new websites are launched. Yes, it’s a tremendous amount of work on your part to get it out there. I understand how personal it is to share who you are and what you do. The thing is, once you’ve got a beautiful new online home, it’s just not the time to simply sit back and let the internet send you clients and customers (because we both know it doesn’t work like THAT!)

It’s time to begin to build your online reputation, make solid connections, and create opportunities for a deeper conversation with your audience. It’s time to illustrate why you’re the authority in your field of expertise. It’s time to rise.

Today I’m sharing with you three ways you can begin to market your website (and generate some revenue so you see that ROI quickly).

1. Develop Compelling Content For Your Audience

Starting now, begin to develop a list of topics you can deliver to your audience. I try to aim for 1 post a week. Intuitively, you’ll figure out a schedule that works for you.

Schedule time into each week for writing and publishing your content. When you’re on a roll, you can add some in draft form ahead of time. you’ll thank yourself when you have a busy week!

Protip!  When you’re first starting out, one of the best places to get ideas for blog posts are your clients! What questions keep coming up over and over again? Keep track of each question and write a blog post answering one of the questions.

2. Get Social

It’s been my experience that many people do the media part of social media really well. They know how to share their own stuff like there is no tomorrow. They miss the social part. You see, I believe Social Media is really about building relationships. That means getting to know people online. It means answering questions wherever you can (for free!) and sharing other’s posts that your own audience will enjoy. It means connecting and communicating. It means initiating a conversation and taking it deeper.

It is all about developing your own ppov (personal point of view) and sharing it in a way that helps you build brand awareness. By genuinely showing up in the social media world, you can begin to establish your own authority and expertise. By becoming known for what you do, you’ll be attracting the kinds of clients and customers you’ve been dreaming about working with! Naturally, they’ll find your website and discover the ways in which you can help them.

3. Share What You’re Doing With Your Own Circles and Networks

This is particularly important if you’ve taken a bit of a different turn in who you want to work with or what you’re offering. I can’t tell you how many coaches I’ve worked with over the years who started out as very generalist, could coach anyone in anything and then once they land in their sweet spot, rebrand, and relaunch their website, still get requests from colleagues who knew what they started out doing.

You’ve got to claim your corner of the webiverse. And tell people about it. CLICK TO TWEET THIS!

Take the time to write an email or have conversations with your key referral sources so they know and understand what a strong referral looks like for you. Trust me, they’ll be happy you did! And so will you.

By creating content, sharing your expertise, and creating conversations with your networks, you’ll be well on your way to establishing yourself as an expert in your field so that the kinds of people you want to work with will find + hire you more readily.

Have you recently launched your website? I’d LOVE to hear what you did to start building your online reputation. What worked for you?

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