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How Do I Start My Own Mastermind So I Can Up-Level My Biz & Rock Being A Boss?

I have a hunch you’ve been hearing the phrase mastermind a lot lately. The word and its essence sounds really intriguing and you might be curious how you can get involved AND how they can help. Half of the ladies I work with don’t know what they can actually do for you and some even feel too silly to ask what they’re all about.

In today’s post, I’m sharing my own personal process on how you can start your own mastermind so that you can up level your business.

I want to talk about where the power is at in a mastermind, how to find the perfect mastermind participants for your own group, and I’ll even be sharing my own framework for keeping the meeting on track.

The Activate Her Awesome working definition of a mastermind is a group of 4-6 (NO MORE) members who meet on a regular basis (mine meets monthly) to support each other, grow our businesses, strategize, champion, and hold each other accountable.

If you’re ready to start your own mastermind, it’s important that you take some time to think about what your purpose is. What do YOU want to get out of a mastermind?

Here are some possible suggestions:

  • do you want to learn more about running a successful online business?
  • do you want to get trusted eyes on your business issues?
  • do you need a confidential group of tribe mates who understand what it’s like to work by yourself?
  • do you need accountability to finally get that digital product launched?
  • do you want to develop a passive stream of income?
  • do you want help promoting posts or products that would be mutually beneficial?
  • do you want to feel inspired by the other bosses in your life who rock it?
  • something else?

There are MANY reasons for initiating a mastermind. It’s important you know what you want out of yours before you begin searching for members to join.

Once you’ve got your idea for the what, now it’s time to identify the who. Reach out to some other business owners who you feel are at least at the same level in business as you OR above. This one is key, ladies. The last thing you want to do is get a newbie in your group who doesn’t understand the jargon and with whom you’ll all spend so much time teaching. Have a date/time already picked out as your first session and make sure you mention why you’re interested in starting a mastermind as well as what you intend the mastermind to be about. Follow up with the reason WHY you’ve chosen to ask them to me a member.

Once you have your group identified, it’s important to hold your first meeting where the only agenda is to formalize that way in which you’ll be working together.

Some logistical things you can cover could include:

  • how far in advance of meeting will you choose dates?
  • how long are your meetings going to run?
  • where will they happen? (location or platform for meeting)
  • what do you really want to get out of mastermind?
  • what do you want the group to do if you’re not completing what you say you’re going to?
  • are you going to use a timer to keep the group on task?
  • how many meetings can a member miss before they’re asked to leave?
  • how will you communicate between sessions?
  • what kinds of things could you be communicating between sessions?
  • how will you respect confidentiality?
  • how do you feel about social media tagging?
  • if members opt out at any time, what will be your process for identifying new members?

It’s well worth spending the time to hash over these details in your first session so that everyone is clear.

Once you have your meeting framework, you’re ready to to start masterminding.

Right now, my mastermind meets once monthly for four hours. We spend the first 90 minutes with our masterminding, have a 30 minute lunch break, and spend the last two hours working ON our businesses while co-working. (I’ve also been in very effective groups where we met for two hours and used the full two hours for presenting, feedback, and accountability).

The great thing about creating your own mastermind is that YOU get to decide what each session looks like. Do you only want to commit one hour? Do you want to commit a whole day? Your group gets to make that decision together :)

During the actual mastermind portion of my group, we have designed two minutes to celebrate a win or success. We then have 13 minutes to present a challenge to the group and ask for feedback. We ALWAYS use a timer. And once your time is up, you are complete. The prep work before you mastermind is as important as the time with your co-members. I believe coming to a mastermind ready and organized is essential for your own growth and success.

Masterminding is an effective way to create some accountability, get some creative solutions to your challenges, and move your business toward your bigger vision.

I’m sharing with you a tool I’ve used in masterminds for the past four years. I developed it based on my own experiences and it helps keep us on track and accountable. If you’d like a copy of my own mastermind prep document, you can instantly download it right here:

In the comments, I’d LOVE to hear what has worked for you in your own masterminds. Let’s inspire each other with creative ways to up level your hustle and rock this thing we do called being a boss.

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Krista Smith

Hi there, I'm Krista. My mission is to inspire confidence and clarity in every woman with a passion-fueled idea. I offer solutions that expand those ideas into an online business with systems, strategy, and success.

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  1. Brighton West on June 30, 2016 at 10:58 pm

    Our mastermind has used Ultimatums and Reverse Charities (along with a host of more positive things.) Ultimatum is: If you don’t get X accomplished by next week, you’re out of the mastermind. Reverse Charities are when you pledge to give $100 to a charity you hate (think Planned Parenthood or the NRA depending on your politics) if you fail to accomplish something.

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