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We Can All Learn a Thing or Two About Brand Identity from Amy Porterfield

One of the first questions I ask my website clients when we begin to tease out the visual vibe for their own website is to give me about three websites they love.

This is a great place to start because I can begin to get a sense of what my client is attracted to and even what turns her off.

I typically get many of the same websites each time I do this. Marie Forleo. Rachel Hollis. Jenna Kutcher. Amy Porterfield.

Each time I smile. Each time I inquire with my clients what it is specifically about their websites that they love.

With each client the answers are a slightly different version of the same. The white space. The cohesion. The colors. The branding. The way it all just makes sense. The clarity. The professionalism. The “whole package”.

Then, I have the important task of walking my clients through an exercise where we evaluate where they are at on their journey compared to any of the women they’ve named.

You see, the gorgeous brands you see online today aren’t what these incredible women started with. They launched their first website years ago, evolved, honed their audience and their offers, tested out new offers, had more photos taken, updated their branding, created new design assets, re-launched a second website, and then started all over AGAIN. They may be on the fourth, fifth, or tenth iteration of their brand.

Here’s the thing: what these ladies have done, over time, is to create clear messaging and craft an attractive brand story that’s perfectly positioned to attract her perfect fit client or customer.

In this post, I’m going to take you deep into the archives of Amy Porterfield’s magnetic brand to point out the biggest misconception new business owners have about needing a logo for their business.

Amy’s digital footprint is EVERYTHING every female led brand wants. It’s linger-worthy, clickable, and clear. 

Let’s take a peek into Ms. Porterfield’s archives:

The BIGGEST lesson I hope you take away from Amy’s beautiful brand is that the logo you have convinced yourself is the reason you can’t move forward in your business is really not the thing that’s stopping you. 

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I hope you’ll join me!

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