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Hi there. I’m Krista.

I’ve been building websites for ten years and I remember what it was like just starting out. My background was in education, I knew next to nothing about launching an online business (let alone making it profitable). Sure I understood the tech; that was easy for me. I knew I needed a website, I definitely knew I needed clients, I was positive I needed a logo and a business card, and I figured I should hire a VA to manage my social media because I was going to be so busy with clients, I wouldn’t have time.

When I first launched my first website, I was SO proud. When clients didn’t come flooding in right away, I realized very quickly that getting clients who wanted to pay me wasn’t at all about having a beautiful website.

What I didn’t have was a guide who could teach me the foundational steps to launching my business online. I needed someone to show me how to leverage my website as one small part of my digital footprint. I needed a partner to get me out of overthinking every word I tried to write for my website and social media posts. I needed a strategic ally who would be able to remove all the overwhelm from thinking I needed to do all the things. I needed someone who could show me what to focus on first and answer my questions when I was ready for the next step. I needed accountability on moving my ideas forward that didn’t end after three months. Most of all, I needed someone I could depend on to be by my side when self doubt and overthinking crept in.

Fast forward to today. I’ve been teaching tech for over ten years. Between coaching (I’m a CTI Trained Co-Active Coach), building websites for my clients, and teaching women how to code, I’ve learned plenty about helping women launch profitable businesses.

Her Launch Lab is the program
(and support!) I wish I had.

It's a 12 month program with a heavy emphasis on group coaching, accountability, and taking inspired action.

The first thing you'll do after we meet for your onboarding call is to move into our tech training lab where you'll get support in developing your own marketing plan so that you understand how your digital footprint can work for you even when you're not there to promote it.

After you get comfortable with your personal game plan for marketing and positioning your business, you'll move into the tech training lab videos where you'll learn how to DIY your website (in a weekend, I promise).

Every month we'll meet for group coaching calls and each weekday you'll have access to a Facebook group where you can ask your questions and get answers.

By becoming a member of Her Launch Lab, of course you will get a website that will position your business for success.

You’ll also get:

✔ Access to me in a private support forum (via a closed Facebook group) where you can ask all your questions and get answers directly in a safe, supportive female-centric community.

✔ Mastermind style, monthly group coaching calls where we dive deeper into what’s really going on and what you do and don’t need to do next.

✔ A website template that’s built to convert along with “mad libs” style copy so that you can fill in the blanks and launch your website live in a weekend once you have your headshot ready to go.

✔ A need-to-know blueprint for simple success that’s built to get you into action. You’ll understand what to focus on when and, more importantly, what you don’t need to do so you can focus your efforts into profit producing activities.

✔ Monthly DYF Social Media Post Ideas, built for audience attraction - so you can boost your confidence and woo your clients like honey on bees (12 posts monthly so you can consistently post 3 times a week without the stress of thinking about what to post.)

✔ New trainings every month that will support you as you learn how to build a solid + profitable online business that works for you when you’re not even there.

✔ Accountability for twelve months in keeping your business moving forward so that success doesn’t feel tied to a timeline.

✔ A sisterhood of like-minded women who are ready to support each other so no one feels like she’s doing it alone.


No clients in your inbox? No fun.

Here’s the truth: your passion was designed for action, encouragement, excitement & clarity.

It goes without saying you need a beautiful and authentic website. Clean, professional, and intuitive are must haves.

Join me in Her Launch Lab and Let me be your guide as we launch your website, your brand strategy, and your business, right.


A girl needs option, yes? You get to decide the best way for you to invest in your business:

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