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10 things you need to know if you’re doing this thing called being a boss

Before my journey into entrepreneurship, I was a teacher. I helped to shape the minds of our future generations.

I’m now teaching women how to activate their own awesome through workshops, retreats, courses, and coaching. I’m also using the skills I honed as “the computer expert” on staff when I was working as a teacher to build websites for more amazing women.

Standing fully in my own zone of genius means teaching, creating, and coaching.

It took me some time (read: years!) to identify the three areas that truly lit me up. And, as I’m sure any creative entrepreneur will tell you, it wasn’t always easy.

Today I’m sharing the 10 things I wish I had known BEFORE I started my business in the hopes they might help you as you’re building your business.

  1. In the beginning, you’ll likely work twice as many hours in a week than you ever did in full time employment. And you’ll love every single second.
  2. You need to reward yourself. If it’s in your nature to set a goal…please, please, please don’t set another goal as soon as you accomplish it. Take the time to acknowledge your success. Celebrate your win!
  3. There may be times you’ll wake up at 3am completely inspired. Take advantage. After all, you’re the boss now!
  4. Don’t wait for perfection. Write. Launch. Share your work. There’s someone looking for your answer right now. If you wait for perfect, you’ll never be able to help them.
  5. It’s all personal. Your business is a blend of who you are what you do. Your feelings will be tested. Feel everything and respond professionally.
  6. Be generous. With your knowledge, your time, and your smarts. You will be rewarded.
  7. Sticky situations happen. Instead of avoiding them, being the martyr, or taking control, try collaboration. Communicate your desire for a mutually beneficial resolution and be open to other perspectives.
  8. Trust your intuition. Always. If you sense something off, 99% of the time something will go off the rails. Listen to that inner voice. She knows.
  9. Build boundaries from the beginning + clearly communicate them. Take the time to set your clients and customers up for success right the beginning. Let them know the what, how, and when of your process. And when new situations creep up that you don’t have a boundary for, build a new one. Adjust them as needed.
  10. You are one of a kind so doing it like she did won’t work. Let go of analyzing and developing your suite of services and offers like your competition. Her clients need her, her way. Your clients need you, your way. Lean into that.

If you could use a collaborator in helping you build your own creative business, I’d love to help. If you think we might be a good fit, let’s talk!


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Krista Smith

Hi there, I'm Krista. My mission is to inspire confidence and clarity in every woman with a passion-fueled idea. I offer solutions that expand those ideas into an online business with systems, strategy, and success.

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