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How to wow your potential clients after your first consult (script included!)

Imagine this: You have just finished your first consult with a potential new client. And it felt good. You consciously decide to move this potential client solidly into the “she would be great fit” column.

Instead of getting to work on her proposal and sending it her as promised, you’ve got a golden opportunity to wow your client right now {as soon as you finish your consult} to make an even better first impression.

We all know that proposals take time. The amount of research and effort that goes into creating a sound proposal can’t be rushed. Sometimes it can be up to a week or even longer before you can land in her inbox once again with your completed proposal.

What if, instead of waiting to deliver your proposal, you take a few minutes to craft a personalized email to her? In it you can summarize your take aways, acknowledge this fabulous potential for something you admire, share a resource they may find helpful, and finish with what they can expect for you in terms of next steps.

Here’s a script to get you started:

Dear possible amazing client,

I wanted to write you to let you know how much I enjoyed our conversation today and how excited I am about possibly working together!

My biggest takeaway from our conversation today is that <insert your takeaway here>.

It’s important for me to acknowledge your <insert something you admire> because <insert why>.

If I’m truly honest, I want you to know that I believe <insert what you undoubtedly believe is possible for this person>.

I know we spent some time talking about <insert what you talked about in your consult>. I thought I’d send you this link because it reminded me of that part of our conversation: <insert link you found>

Thank you so very much for your time today. I look forward to reconnecting on <insert date and deliverables>.


<insert your name here>

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