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Business Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs with Krista Smith

The Digital Coaching Experience

Activate Your Awesome Now.

You’re ready – if you could just get past those pesky little obstacles.

I have a hunch that you are ready to step up, stand out, and embed your awesomeness into your own creative business so your ideal clients can’t help but find and fall in love with you.

Whatever it is that’s standing in your way, let’s cure that hang-up, clear that logjam, slay that dragon so you can barge into your right people’s world and offer up your awesome.

Through my own journey of helping discover how I can show up for real for my own ideal clients, I’ve realized that I have a unique methodology that supports creatives in a way that makes sense.

Katy Martin and I have been at the helm of supporting students in our Web Designer Beauty School for over a year now (and supported many of the same group for three years before that). Together, we help them tackle the day-to-day technical issues that arise when designing for web.

What has surprised me is the amount of support we also provide in terms of the emotional aspect of running a creative business.

Being trained as a professional Co-Active Coach through CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) has given me an opportunity to really show up in our support school and offer perspectives that can change the direction of a client-collaboration gone bad.

I’ve discovered I’m really good at helping our students identify and get past those little obstacles that keep holding them back from having the creative business that they adore.

Time and time again, I find myself offering up suggestions on how to craft communication so that instead of doubt and frustration with clients who might not be a right fit, you can get your relationship back on the rails and really offer up your awesome.

I believe that the earlier you can articulate the inner AND outer qualities of who you’d like to work with, why you’re the perfect solution to their problem, and how you can make that happen, the faster you’ll be able to make strategic decisions that support your business and by default, you.

BrandAlign is my four month coaching package that helps you go deep, get real, get it right, and get it all online.

If you need to bring your brand from weak to wow, I can help.

BrandAlign is:

  • One-to-one coaching sessions (bi-weekly for four months) via Skype
  • Studying where your brand is straying and coaxing it back to cohesive
  • Mapping out and activating your vision for your business
  • Highlighting your gifts
  • Zeroing in on your most powerful, valuable, and billable offers
  • Creating services that sell
  • Coding happiness right into your business model
  • Email support between calls
  • MP3s of our work together for you to keep and use whenever

INVESTMENT  $375/month

RESULT: One brand presence that shows off your awesome.

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