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How to Turn Your Glowing Reviews into Likes on Instagram

I have a client who wanted to create an Instagram graphic to showcase a glowing review she received.

She had a lovely little image she pulled together in Canva that she wanted my opinion on.

Once I had a peek, my designer and brand strategy hats had an opinion AND an idea.

I believe we need to think less linearly when we’re thinking about our Instagram feed. We need to start using the “adding multiple images” option more instead of trying to keep everything in one, easy photo.

One thing I’ve seen more recently, is that Instagram will actually show your multiple image post several times if your followers don’t like the first image in the post. It’s served up a second time with the second photo and if they still don’t like the photo, it’s often shown a third time with the third photo (and so on!).

There is value in making sure you’re not just adding ONE photo to an Instagram post. You can watch this video where I show my client how to use her review (or testimonial) and product to create a more strategic approach to her Instagram feed!

Learn How You Can Use Reviews or Testimonials to Engage Your Audience on Instagram with this Canva Tutorial via Krista Smith at
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