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How To Create A Branded Signature For Your Email

In today’s post I want to show you how I created the branded signature that shows up in every email I send.

NOTE: I use G Suite for my email. If you use Gmail, you can also follow along using this tutorial.

Before you get started, it’s important to think about WHAT you want to include.

Here are some examples I saw when I looked through my own inbox:

  • Name
  • Job Description or Title
  • Professional Designations
  • Link to email
  • Link to website
  • Headshot
  • Brand Icon/Logo
  • Social Links
  • Link to book an appointment
  • Invitation to sign up for Newsletter Freebie/Opt-in
  • Phone Number
  • Fax (I had NO idea people still do this!)
  • Business Hours
  • Link to Blog

Personally, I signed up for Acuity Scheduling in late 2017 to use as my scheduler. I cannot tell you how much time this has saved me from being in my inbox. I include links to my scheduler in my email signature and when I receive a new inquiry, I can easily direct them to book themselves in when it works for them.

My own personal philosophy is to use your real estate wisely. What I mean by this is keeping in mind that your email signature is just one small part of your email and deciding on a goal (or action) that you want clients or customers to take when they look at it.

Having too many choices may be too much “choose your own adventure” and not enough “clicking this will help me, help you faster.” You know what I mean?

The tools I use in this video are: Canva (you only need a free account), my website (to host the image or logo), my scheduler links, and a word processing software (like MS Word, a Google Doc, or Pages for Mac).

Watch this easy-to-follow video tutorial showing you how you can create a totally branded and strategic signature for your Gmail or G Suite Email Address by Krista Smith at
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