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3 Smart Strategies to Attract More Business

3 Smart Strategies to Attract More Business via

My teenage daughter and I are currently making our way across Europe. It’s incredible. Last night I sat watching the sunset over the Aegean Sea and thought about our experiences thus far.

Girls tripAs I sat with breeze blowing in my hair and the sweet smell of the sea air, I was quickly reminded how slowing down can help the women I work with gain some serious traction in attracting more clients.

I thought about how my daughter and I started this journey alone, not knowing what to expect. And how after our first few hours, we got to know and fall in love with each new place. Entrepreurship is so much like visiting a new place…lonely until you find your tribe.

I also thought about how important it is to plan your itinerary. We each have a wish list of outcomes for the places we are visiting. Sometimes navigating even the best laid plans can be challenging (think arriving in Greece on the day their national referendum is taking place to oust the Euro!).

What I quickly realized is that I had 3 smart strategies to share with you on how you can use my travel a-ha’s to help you attract more business.


Always give yourself plenty of time to reflect. It’s important to take the time to recognize what’s working and what’s not working for you with your current client load. Spend time noticing who you are attracting and how you feel about them. Think about where you want to go and how you can get there. Take time to pause so you can intentionally do more of the work that lights you up. I have a hunch it will be easy to then see what you are ready to let go of to make room for more fulfilling work.


Many of the lifestyle entrepreneurs I work with find themselves alone and craving other like minded women to share successes, strategies, disappointments, and ideas. Even the most introverted of us (and I’m a BIG one!) need time with other business owners who *get* what we do. To be witnessed, celebrated, and championed among many things.

3. PLAN.

I’m not talking spending months working a business plan before you even get your business off the ground to prove on paper to someone (possibly your significant other!) that you can make this work. I’m talking about:

  • planning by being intentionally in charge of the path you are taking with your business
  • dedicating time to examine what’s working for you
  • taking time to converse with past clients to see what else you might be able to do to support them
  • thinking about new offers your ideal clients are craving in terms of new experiences from you
  • recalibrating your navigational compass so that you’re confidently heading in the direction you want to go.

By implementing these 3 smart strategies, I have a feeling your direction will be clear, your decisions will feel more in sync with what’s important to you, and you’ll feel energized and excited about what’s next. When you’re clear on who you are and what you do, you’ll be attracting more of your just right clients before you know it.

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