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3 Ways You Can Activate Your Creativity & Discover What Experience Your Dream Clients are Craving From You

As a female entrepreneur, I know what the whispers in your heart sound like. I know because I have them in my own too.

I know the mental energy it takes to be able to plan your next exciting offer.

The thing is we are often so busy working in our businesses it’s difficult to find the mojo to work ON our business.

3 ways you can activate your creativity & discover what experience your dream clients are craving from you via

Between clients, marketing, social media, networking, family, friends, and passions {to name only a few}, where can you find the time to get creative + inspired?

In today’s post, I’m sharing my top 3 tips for activating that creativity so that you can be in the space to be able to intentionally nurture a new offering for what your dream clients are craving from you right now.

1. Slow down and practice disconnecting.

I spent the first three weeks of July on an amazing European adventure with my almost 15-year-old daughter and I did not bring my laptop. AND I’m SO glad I did! By choosing this, it freed up so much space in my head to reflect and see what kinds of things I had been missing this year on my entrepreneurship journey. I was able to see patterns that I NEVER saw before. I saw innovative ways to take my ideas and implement them in ways I had never seen before. I came back refreshed and renewed and ready to go.

Let’s say you don’t have a three week European adventure on the books (yet!). You can still slow down and practice disconnecting. Start with three days. Make a commitment to yourself and hold yourself to it. Sure you can keep your phone on to check in with your children or aging parents or doggie daycare. But enjoy some quality time where you’re not tied to clients + social media. It’s all about vision + dreaming.

2. Get out.

In the past week, I’ve had lunch AND dinner out with different women I admire. The conversation naturally shifts to our businesses during the course of our meals. Sometimes just hearing yourself talk can ignite a spark that you didn’t know was even there. Just talking about what has been going on or what you want has a natural way of creating excitement that you can’t wait to share! For example while I was at an Italian restaurant last week, I was completely inspired by the way they had written the restaurant menu on the interior walls. It inspired me to translate that to a client’s design. We decided to write her messages of inspiration on the beautiful background textures we have chosen. She’s thrilled and so am I!

Where can you go to find inspiration? A Restaurant? Your local coffee shop? The mall? Antique stores? The forest? The ocean? A stream? Book yourself in your calendar and protect like you do those clients appointments of yours and get out! Your clients will LOVE you for it!

3. Ask.

I know the thing I do that singly helps me the MOST when deciding what new offer my dream clients need is to ASK them where they need support. Take the time to connect with them (in person, over Skype, or even an online poll will give you lots of information to begin with).

Take the time to reach out and conduct your own market research. You may get some goofball ideas, but I’m also willing to bet you’ll start to see a pattern emerge. Nothing inspires my creativity more then knowing exactly what my clients need from me. The freedom to choose how I will deliver that experience is where the goodness continues!

And when you find that idea? I’d LOVE to invite you to the Action Academy Retreat that I’m co-hosting this fall in picturesque Nova Scotia.

This retreat is designed to get you into focused action – providing just the right blend of support, education, cheerleading, and solo time. You can read through all the details RIGHT HERE.

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