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How to control your avatar when you comment online

About the author: Hi there, I’m Krista. Not only do I design + code websites, but I offer customized strategy and coaching that help you highlight your gifts, identify & attract your ideal client, create services that sell, and code happiness right into your business model.

How to create or edit the image that is used as your author avatar via Krista Smith at ActivateHerAwesome.com

In today’s video tutorial, I’m walking you through the steps on how you can create or update the avatar image that shows up next to your name whenever you post a comment online. It’s possible you have a new email address or a really old headshot or possibly have never created one!

In this quick video, I’m walking you through the exact steps you can take to control which images shows up when Globally Recognized Avatars are an option.

Gravatar Website: https://en.gravatar.com/


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