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Reflecting on 2018 and a FREE Screensaver for your Phone _ via Krista Smith at

Reflections on 2018 and A FREE Gift for You

By Krista Smith / December 30, 2018

I can’t believe 2018 is almost over. I don’t know about you, but I have been doing a lot of reflecting the past few days. After the Christmas rush, before the New Year, I always take some time to look at my business. Yes, I measure metrics but I also tap into how I feel. Curious about the exact questions I sit with? Here you go: What do I want to keep going into 2019? What am I ready to let go of? Who did I LOVE working with in 2018? Who do I want to attract in 2019? How…

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My Lady Love Summer Setlist Guaranteed to Take You Back

By Krista Smith / May 31, 2018

Summer’s unofficially here and I’m loving the sunshine. Birds chirping, beach walks, sunsets, and campfires. My husband gave me a really cool speaker for my shower yesterday and as I was browsing my playlists, I realized it’s been a while since I last created a fun playlist. It occurred to me that you might also like to get into the fun so today I’m sharing my Lady Love Summer Setlist. GRAB IT ON ITUNES HERE. I hope it inspires you + takes you back to some fun memories. xo, K

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August wallpaper for your iPhone and tablet via Krista Smith at

August Gifts Made for your Phone, Tablets, and Computers

By Krista Smith / August 2, 2016

August feels like the right time for me to gift you with a super fun, August #goals digital wallpaper for your phones and tablets. TODAY I’VE GOT YOUR AUGUST WALLPAPER — ALL READY FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL ON YOUR DEVICES. This is honestly in my plan this month. Beach days and beach hair and tons of sand to vacuum out of my car. YES! Enjoy!!

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July Downloads For Your Phones, Tablets, and Computers — FREE GIFTS! via Krista Smith at

July Downloads For Your Phones, Tablets, and Computers — FREE GIFTS!

By Krista Smith / July 2, 2016

Summer is in full effect now here on the Atlantic Coast. Yesterday my country celebrated its 149th birthday — there were celebrations everywhere on Canada Day. TODAY I’VE GOT YOUR JULY WALLPAPER — ALL READY FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL ON YOUR DEVICES. Wishing you a prosperous July with plenty of space to do what your heart is longing for. xo, Krista

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June Downloads for Your Phones, Tablets, and Computers -- FREE gifts! via Krista Smith at

June Downloads for Your Phones, Tablets, and Computers — FREE gifts!

By Krista Smith / May 31, 2016

I can hardly believe it’s the end of May already until I look outside and see the green bursting. Everything is lush, the water is warming up, and days are getting warmer here on the Atlantic Coast. Today I’ve got your June wallpaper — all ready for you to download and install on your devices. I couldn’t decide which one to gift you, so I figured I’d let you choose! Enjoy!!

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May gifts made for you phone, tablets, and computers PLUS a giveaway to celebrate my birthday via Krista Smith

May gifts made for your phone, tablets, and computers (AND a giveaway)!

By Krista Smith / May 1, 2016

Today is May 1! A special day in my house — it’s the day I celebrate being born. I’m spending the first part of my day lounging in bed, creating these beautiful new wallpapers for your devices. Generosity has been coming up a lot for me this year. It’s a part of who I am. One of the best gifts I’ve given myself this year is the gift of permission to let go of the energy vampires in my life. You know the ones I mean…they drain you  s l o w l y  of all your good energy. Some subtle, some…

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By Krista Smith / April 2, 2016

April snuck up on me this month! In Nova Scotia I’m already seeing the April showers, robins, and pussy willows. It’s so refreshing to see the grass starting to grow and buds begin to appear. Here are your April Screensavers/Wallpaper — ready for you to download and install. Enjoy! xo, K

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March 2016 Wallpaper via Krista Smith at

March gifts, made for your phones, tablets, and computers!

By Krista Smith / February 28, 2016

I can hardly believe it’s the last day of February tomorrow! AND it’s a leap year. I’m going to take some time tomorrow and celebrate the last four years. I’m going to revel in my successes, take note of where I strayed off course, and begin to imagine the next four years. I hope you do too :) They say that March can come in like a lion and out like a lamb. This year, in Nova Scotia at least, it appears that Mother Nature is going with the “in like a lamb” analogy. And in honour of that, this month’s free…

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February Wallpaper for your iPhones and Mobile Devices via Krista Smith at

February Wallpaper for your Devices | free downloads

By Krista Smith / January 31, 2016

  It’s the last day of January! I wanted to give you a total #girlboss wallpaper for your computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Enjoy! xo, K Desktop & Laptop Tablets & iPads iPhones & Mobile Devices

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