Hello, you! I’m so excited that you’re truly interested in my web design process.

In my experience, it’s best if I outline my process for you clearly so you can understand how things will unfold.

1.  You’ve probably already been in touch with me via my contact form but you could also email me directly. I’ll ask you to check out my current services (if you haven’t) so you understand all the details!

2. I get back to you via email asking for clarification around which of my services you’re interested in. I’ll ask a couple of preliminary questions that will be the foundation for our first chat.

3. Once I hear back from you with your answers and after I’ve had time to review them, I’ll be in touch within 2 business days to schedule a 30 minute skype call. This is where we’ll get to know each other. I’ll ask questions and more importantly, you’ll have an opportunity to ask me questions.

Krista Smith, Web Designer4.  After our skype call, if we’re both feeling the magic, and know we can activate your web essence, I’ll ask you to email me letting me know you’d like to proceed. I’ll confirm if I think I’ll be the best web designer to serve you. I’ll also be able to let you know what the current time frame is on completing a design (could be in as little as two weeks or as long as three months).

5. We’ll schedule a second call so I can gather some more specific information from you including (among other things):

  • the type of functionality you’re looking for
  • the specifics of where you plan to host your site (I’ll have suggestions, never fear!)
  • what your website goals are
  • ideas on how we’ll measure success with your project
  • how we’ll differentiate your presence online from that of your competitors

6. You’ll be provided with a proposal for what it will cost you to have your web essence activated. If you accept my proposal, we’ll get the ball rolling with a contract.

7. I’ll send you a contract outlining everything your website build will include. I’ll invoice you via Paypal for 50% of your project estimated cost. This will secure your place in my calendar. As soon as I receive your payment, we’ll start an open line of communication and I’ll invite you to join my project management software so that we can keep our communication in one central place. I’ll get your passwords + usernames for your domain, hosting, current website login credentials, and newsletter provider (among other things!). I will be unable to start anything without these. (Kindly note if you do NOT have any of these yet — it’s not a problem. I’ll be able to facilitate it all and share it with you once we’re complete :))

8. We will set up a discovery call within one week of our start date to design our alliance. During this call we’ll be spending time discovering the way in which you and I can work toward your goals & dreams while keeping in perspective how both of us (and our unique personalities) prefer to communicate. Being up front and decisive about how we both work is key to ensuring we can stay the course and create magic together. We’ll cover everything from results to how you learn best (so I can teach you how to USE your new website) to scope creep to how you can best give me feedback and everything in between!

9. We will then book our first Digital Strategy Session. During this meeting, I’ll get full scope of who you are in your business and how we will go about leveraging your web presence in a way that feels ever so YOU. I build personal brands, not just websites. You’ll get to experience my unique process of uncovering the essence of your business through exploring your personal blend of awesomeness!  This conversation will focus even more specifically on what your goals will be for your new site and how we might go about leveraging your offerings. **This is when we’ll have a good idea of what content you’ll need to either write or tweak and you’ll get started on this. I have a copywriter I can recommend if this is another area you’d like to invest in. I’ll be very clear in our call what you should prioritize in terms of content creation and where to source images from if you do not have your own personal vault of images yet!**

10.  Within two weeks after this conversation you’ll have initial mock ups and content flow suggestions delivered via creative brief video. I’ll be totally honest with you: I generally nail the mock up. You see, I put so much thought and effort in the prep questionnaire, other intake forms, and our Skype/Zoom meetings that I really have the ability to create a website for you that looks and feels SO you. Here’s the thing: after you’ve watched the creative brief intro to your mocked up website, the more clear and specific YOU are with what you like and don’t like, the better position I’ll be in to help you. I adore examples and direct feedback, beautiful. I’ll need you to show and tell me exactly what you like, don’t like, need tweaked, want tossed, and/or massaged. The important thing to remember is that this is about your essence and giving life to it online. It needs to feel amazing. You deserve this.

NOTE:  If, at this point, you’re not completely delighted with what I’ve created for you and would prefer to go in a different direction, I’ll be happy to refund 50% of your initial deposit. No questions asked. I’ll definitely have more work into the design than 50% but really want you to be thrilled with your home online.

11. Once you’ve seen mock ups and we make the tweaks you’d like to see, I’ll commence coding. This generally takes about two-three weeks. As soon as it’s ready, your design will be live on one of my test sites for you to experience. We’ll adjust and massage the areas that require it. At this point, I’ll be inserting the copy/content on each page of your site that you have made available.

13. You might find it’s quiet during the weeks I’m coding up your website. Where we were use to chatting every day, I tend to go off grid to work out the intricacies of your design. This is completely normal. I’ll definitely be in touch, particularly as things come up. It just won’t be at the same frequency you’ve experienced in the first phase.

14. After you see your design, make any minor design adjustments, and test for bugs, we’re ready to transfer the design to your own URL. You’ll have already given me all your user names and passwords to everything I need so I’ll go in and install everything I need to make your new design live! If you currently have a website, we’ll put it in maintenance mode while I code in all your customizations and format your content. This takes no longer than three-five days.

15. Pre-launch – this is when you’ll spend time going over your site for errors or broken links. I’ll be doing the same.

16.  LAUNCH!  You’re ready to show off to the world your awesomeness. After launch, you’ll receive videos from me showing you how to use your site.

17. You are OFF. Ready to stake your claim in the webiverse. It’s time to be you!