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Two ways to make your personal brand more YOU

By Krista Smith / April 30, 2013

The biggest mistake a woman can make is not to be herself in public or private. — Diane Von Furstenberg I’ve been working with a lot of women lately who come to the design process with something like, “OOOHHH…I want my website to be just like [insert name here], only more ME!” Ladies, you are so brilliant all on your own.  It’s totally possible to create a personal brand for you that looks and feels exactly like you do. It’s like this: there’s you [with all your personal flavor of awesomeness] and there’s your business [that problem you are solving…

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Krista Smith, Personal Branding Coach and web designer

Website, WordPress, and What it all REALLY Means (WordPress 101 for Female Entrepreneurs)

By Krista Smith / April 4, 2013

I’ve found myself explaining the basics of how I help women develop their own personal brand [Digital DNA] a fair bit lately – the technical side of things. You see, websites don’t just appear for free online. Well…they can, but the ladies I work with want to be seen as a leader in their field and they know having a clean, professional, and credible online home is the way to go. Today, I’d like to use opening a coffee shop as the metaphor to explain how building a website with me works.   The first step in building a website…

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A site by for

Digital DNA Site for Chelsea Lee Flowers

By Krista Smith / February 8, 2013

    Chelsea is a private floral designer working with brides in the Halifax Regional Municipality. She came looking to show off her amazing work in a simple design that packs a punch with her amazing photos. She’s as delightful in person as she is online. Visit the live site here.

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A Digital DNA Design for Kate Bonnycastle

By Krista Smith / February 8, 2013

    Kate is a local copywriter in Bedford, NS. She really wanted to show off the variety of work she does and have her website work as an online portfolio to attract clients. It’s clean, professional, and oh so Kate.   Visit the live site here.

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On decisions

By Krista Smith / June 18, 2012

She took a breath and flew.  You can too. xo, K

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Always remember…

By Krista Smith / June 10, 2012

You’ve *so* got this. xo, K

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Make a difference.

By Krista Smith / March 21, 2012

Permission granted, beautiful.  Let your thoughts, opinions, and feelings make a difference. xo, K

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You’ve got what it takes.

By Krista Smith / March 19, 2012

You can make it happen.  Promise. xo, K

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Finding your thing…

By Krista Smith / March 18, 2012

Start listening to the voice in your heart.  It’s intuition talking to you, woman.  Next step is to start saying those words aloud.  Believe.  Your thing is right there.  I know you can do it, beautiful :) xo, K

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It’s about impact, beautiful.

By Krista Smith / March 16, 2012

What does your footprint look like today?  Where do you need to step it up to make the impact you want?  You know you’ve got something you have to say.  Bring it, beautiful :)  Let the world see your brilliance. xo, K

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