Compliments about Krista:

For 13 years I had a dream. I had no idea how I could make it any type of “hustle” let alone a side hustle because I’d never made a cent in my business. I even started believing it was only an expensive hobby. Then I met Krista. She is like a magical unicorn to me.

It only took 2 sessions and 120 minutes for Krista to help me get at what has been locked away for years and it was life-changing, soul-fulling and felt like I had FINALLY found my purpose. Not only had my copy-writing become like poetry (because of her helping me get clarity on my cause) but my ideal clients were coming in droves and I was making money like I've never made before.

Sometimes the universe just knows. The timing for me was perfect and I was ready to literally do anything she asked of me. And I'm telling you. It worked. Like magic.

So if you're wondering if the universe may be giving you a sign that your time is now, I would suggest you listen and hire Krista because she is a gift that keeps on giving.

-- Ashley Shaw,


My main struggle has been changing my mindset from employee to business owner. Krista's blend of inquiry, encouragement and activation has seen me delve deep into what I want my business to look like, plan my business goals, find and work with my favourite clients and start to really enjoy my business.

Krista is a natural born coach. If you need someone to help you get your creative biz humming, grab the chance to work with Krista. You (and your business) will transform like you won't believe!

-- Sally Tudhope, Sally Tudhope Design & Development


Meet Kate BonnycastleKrista's energy is contagious. She is great at motivating, exciting and instigating - which is obvious from the moment you meet her. What's not obvious, and as important, is her ability to dive deep with a whole group. She has a way of making you feel completely listened to, understood and cared for without anyone else feeling like they're left out or stealing the show. It's all about 'you' but all about everybody at the same time. The best of personal coaching plus group faciliation: I love that!

-- Kate Bonnnycastle, Copywriter


Michelle ReidWhen Krista shows up, she's full of energy. She brings an excitement to group sessions and has a way of inspiring even the most timid of us. She is knowledgeable in the most up-to-date web and digital marketing information and shares it in a way that empowers you to make it happen. It's often difficult for small business owners to promote ourselves confidently - maybe because we feel it is boasting - and Krista was able to take me out of that mindset. I've set goals and priorities to grow my business....and it's working! Thank you Krista!

-- Michelle Reid, Designer Girl Interiors, Prosperity Member


Jane ThibaultIf you want to bring out your personal best, Krista can do it. Her killer combo of teaching background, tech expertise, and trained coach can make maximum impact in your group session with her. I’ve worked with some fantastic coaches over the years, but if you want the “cherry on the top”, work with Krista. Her leadership and and coaching are my secret weapon.

-- Jane Thibault, Arbonne International


The thing I love about Krista is that she has the skills, experience, and expertise in the areas of both coaching and web design. Killer combo!

Working with Krista has been so wonderful and she is a wealth of knowledge in so many areas - from planning and strategizing to conflict resolution to finding just the right words to use with a difficult client or situation (her well-crafted scripts are amazing!). I am so lucky to have found her know without a doubt that after a session, I am SO productive. She’s worth every penny, trust me!

-- Stefani Harris, The Creative Solutions Project


Barb Churchill, A Krista Smith Digital DNA WebsiteWhen I decided to remodel my website I asked for referrals from colleagues and Krista's name was at the top of the list. Now I know why. Working with her was effortless! Her combined tech savvy brain, creativity and "coachy" style were a perfect match for me - not to mention her sense of humor. She "got" my style and the vibe I wanted to create. I never knew designing my website could be so much fun!  The result was an online home I am proud to invite people to.  Simply stated - Krista is mahvelous!

-- Barb Churchill, Women, Worthiness, & Wisdom Coach


Beth Williamson Ruse on Krista Smith

Tara MacDonaldHaving Krista design my online home made me realize how real I needed to be about my need to get better health, reflect on where I actually want to be with my career and have that materialize into an online world with authenticity. Krista saw the big picture the moment I said "go!" Her creativity and pursuit of what I love made my web site mean everything to me. My interests, loves and own truths are put together in the highest regard for who I am.

-- Tara MacDonald, Coach, Author, and Fit Club Owner