Soulful Strategy Oracle Card Reading

I’ve been collecting Oracle Card Decks for over ten years. I use them in my business as tools to help gain clarity, break patterns, clear a logjam, discover a new path, manifest my desires, and even identify new ways of being in my life.

For me, the cards are the conduit for messages that the universe is holding for us and waiting for us to hear.

Psst. The universe is holding a message for you.
Would you like to hear it?

Oracle cards help guide us when we can’t focus. When we do have a destination in mind, they provide just the right clues to point us toward the information we need to move forward.

I’ve used oracle cards in retreats I’ve led. I’ve used them as a powerful tool in coaching sessions. I’ve witnessed their alchemy even in large, online programs when a participant needs help accessing what’s possible. I use them for planning. I use them for intention setting. I use them to find new perspectives when I can’t see a way forward.

Now I can share this powerful experience with you.

Your Soulful Strategy Oracle Reading: the process

Purchase your reading and you’ll be directed to a form with five questions. Answer all five questions and submit.

I’ll review and contemplate your answers while I centre myself in front of my alter. I’ll let your energy help me choose which of my many beautiful decks I’ll use to complete your reading.

Then I’ll light a candle and diffuse some aromatherapy to ground myself. I’ll tap into your energy by meditating with the chosen deck in my hands. I’ll cleanse the deck using a sage smudging ceremony so that your energy imbues each card. Then I pull the cards from the spread that will disclose your Soulful Strategy.

I’ll voice-record your reading so we can be connected in spirit as well as virtually. I’ll deliver it to you, along with any personal observations and intuitive hits, via mp4 download. You’ll also receive an elegantly designed PDF with the name of the deck I used, photos of the cards that your energy pulled, and a text summary of the key messages you are meant to receive.

Tune into your own intuition. Really connect with it. You’ll know if it feels right to start your Soulful Strategy now.

I am deeply honoured to work with women just like you. And I have a sense you know it’s time. Shall we get started?