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What You Should Really Know About Adding Prices to Your Website

It’s just a fact; businesses revolve around the sale. This isn’t news. But as a web designer and business coach for female entrepreneurs, I find all too often my clients are hesitant to include sales information on their websites.

I understand where this hesitation comes from. The women I work with are coaches, consultants and creatives. And we creative entrepreneurs see our businesses not only as our income, but as our craft. We want our clients to respect the integrity of the our work beyond the integrity of the price tag.

Today, I want to talk about why publishing prices on your website is an important part of you and your business’s online presence.

I also want to talk about why it is necessary for you, the awesome entrepreneur you are, to take the opportunity to declare your worth right from the get-go.


When working with a client, I always suggest putting a pricing table on their website or (alternatively) ask how else we should present prices to really appeal to their prospective clients. Consistently, I get one of three answers.

First: “Displaying prices just isn’t done in my industry.” Since they don’t see other people doing it, they don’t want to either. They are afraid to step outside the lines and be an outlier.

Second: “The work we do is really, really customized and everything is personalized down to the last detail. It’s impossible to put a price on that.” Because their work is a customized experience, they feel it would be wrong to value each project equally. However, this response generally tells me that they really need to invest some more time in shaping their services list.

Third (my personal favourite): “What if my competition sees it?” This is really just a fear of judgement. Worrying that “this” will happen because of “that” is just insecurity. And you have no reason to be insecure, beautiful! Be confident in your worth, and the worth of your work.

By sharing your prices, you have the opportunity to own and shape the price conversation so you can actually control the narrative of your business.

If people are landing on your website and they are investigating the services that you offer, they’re actually interested in hiring you or working with you in some capacity. And if they can’t find out what kind of investment they would to need to make in order to work with you, it can be a turn off.

If you don’t have a “starting at” investment listed, you are going to spend more time in your inbox.

You want people to email you and engage, definitely, but you only want people who are interested in investing. How are they supposed to know they want to invest if they have no idea what the investment is? On their end, showing interest in your business without knowing the investment can feel like signing a blank cheque.

Displaying your prices on your website gives your prospective clients the opportunity to understand what their investment is going to look like.

There are ways to pivot around sticker shock. Say one of the services you offer happens to be something that’s fairly high-priced and is going to be a bit of a tough pitch. To compensate, you can use social proof; testimonials, studies, before-and-afters. By building up your expensive service with evidence of how much of a difference it can make in your clients’ lives, even a hefty price tag can look like a deal.

And you don’t have to be entirely stuck to your numbers. As a custom web designer, not every website I build is the same price, even if it is the same package. Some are more difficult, they take longer, or they simply involve more work. Some of my clients want a complete brand identity and cohesive online presence from their website to templates in Canva they can use to create social media posts to branded social media banners to specific and detailed newsletter marketing campaigns, fully branded ebooks and a media kit.

What I do, and what I encourage all of my clients to do, is to have a starting price. That way people who are interested in possibly working with you can get a rough understanding of what kind of investment your services are.

Let’s say my hypothetical starting price is $5500. My prospective client can look at what the starting package is and, if they want a little more than what the starting package includes, they know it will cost a little more than $5500.

This way, the client can reach out to me with defined expectations of what my services are worth. And because of my social proof, they also enter the dialogue knowing what kind of investment they are looking at and why that investment will be worth it.

This way, the client feels prepared and in control. Meanwhile, you save a bunch of valuable time.

It is so important to me that all you incredible women understand that by putting your prices on your website, you are doing both yourself and your prospective clients a favour. You are giving your audience members the opportunity to commit to an investment before they find out how really awesome you are.

The saying is true; if you build it, they will come. And they come because you are declaring your worth.

By having your prices up for the world to see, you’re saying “I know I’m worth this much, I have this many people who have happily paid it, I have many more who are waiting to pay it and I don’t have to negotiate.”

Trust yourself, trust what you do, put your prices on there proudly, and rock it out. I’ll be cheering you on.

Krista Smith

If you are a woman over 40 who owns a small business, you understand how important it is to have your website, social media, and email marketing working for you while you sleep. I'm Krista Smith. Here at Activate Her Awesome, I have a proven framework that I use to develop websites and marketing plans that work so you can attract new leads and increase your sales.

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