DIY Your Way to a Linger-Worthy, Client-Attracting WordPress Website (in a Weekend!)

Are you ready to step up, stand out, and own your awesome?

Welcome to Website in a Weekend. This is the first step in upping your website game.

I'm Krista Smith and I created this offer for women just like you.

I have a hunch your online presence is not the professional face you want to show to the world.

Are you frustrated because you're wasting hours of your valuable time trying to get your website to do what's it meant to do -- bring in the clients? And going custom is simply not a sound business decision for you, yet.

You need an easy to use, intuitive, and strategically designed website to highlight your own gifts. And you need it yesterday.

Website in a Weekend could be just the answer you've been looking for.

This is my DIY experience where you can work your way to a linger-worthy, professional online home in a weekend, with me, virtually on your shoulder, as you watch easy-to-understand + concise video tutorials. (Well -- you'll have some prep work first then you'll be done in a weekend. You need gather the photos + content to add to this beautiful new website!)

This is perfect for you if you need help committing to content, DIYing your way to a digital strategy, and launching it live in record time.

In my work with my custom design clients, I often get asked if I have an entry level option.

I'm happy to announce that I do now!

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that keep my clients from launching a successful website is content. You see, gorgeous one, you need to come to the web design process understanding that you need to write all words that go on your website. You need be ready with headshots and other images that will build your brand vibe. I can see you stressing already.


You've got this. And I'm going to show you that you CAN do this all through the lens of my favorite question, "How can this be easy?"

Meet Your Teacher

This is Krista Smith,

I'm Krista Smith. I'm a WordPress Designer, Brand Strategist & Business Coach for coaches, creatives, and consultants.

I've been helping female led brands create clarity in their online strategy so that their websites actually work for them for over nine years.

I've been teaching web design over at for well over five years too.

I believe that what you do and what makes you awesome need to be clear and declared online. Through this course, I'm going to help you find your awesome, show your people, love your website and adore your work.

This is Website in a Weekend

I need details. What do I get?

Once you decide to go for it and have purchased the digital course, you’ll immediately get access to all the course materials.

This is the website template you’re going to be personalizing. By watching the course videos, I'll teach you how to develop your visual style, develop & implement your color palette, add in your images, update your website with the words you write, swap out the fonts for your preferences, and develop your own digital strategy.

After you work your way through writing your web copy (I've got PDF's, checklists, and videos in the course showing you how to do this) and sourcing your images (whether you decide to hire a photographer or purchase stock photography), you'll be ready to begin customizing your own website.

When you're ready to start your official website in a weekend, you'll pop into our closed Facebook community and tag me so that I can email you your hosting coupon code to redeem your free year of website hosting. You'll then send me your login details to I can hop in, install WordPress, your new theme, and my premium plugins. You'll watch my step by step videos and build your own website.

It'll look way more like your brand instead of the fictional one I've created when you’re done.

I'll be your teacher as I coax out the cohesive of your brand essence.

Not only will you have access to set-by-step videos showing you how to customize every corner of your website, you’ll get access to a monthly group Zoom call where you’ll be able to have all your questions answered on how to build a successful online, client-attracting brand.

You’ll get access to PDF’s with suggestions on how to write your content for each page so they stay highly converting.

You’ll also get access to a closed Facebook Group where I’ll have specific office hours each week to support you further.

Voilà. You'll have your own Website in a Weekend