Small Business Flight School

The 6-month program helping small business owners double their revenue and Propel Your Business to New Heights

The Quest for Steady Growth

As a small business owner, you know the challenges of attracting clients, ensuring consistent growth, and finding support in your journey. It’s not easy to navigate these obstacles alone, especially when you have big goals but lack the resources to have the right team to back you up.

Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you there’s an unexpected level of loneliness packaged into their journey.

The truth is you signed up to sell your zone of genius and your passion. Figuring out how to make sales online and connect with your audience digitally is not a skill set most small business owners can activate by default. It takes training, experience, and finesse.

Imagine a thriving business, with a full calendar of clients and the confidence that you're on the right track. No more guessing games, just clear, strategic steps that yield tangible results. With the right guidance and support, this vision can become a reality.

Krista Smith. SB Certified Guide copy

Three years ago I left my marriage of 27 years and needed to radically change my business to support myself as a single mother.

I became certified as a StoryBrand Marketing Guide and Donald Miller’s marketing framework changed my life.

Who is Donald Miller?

Eleven years ago, he lost his entire life savings in a failed venture. Today, he owns a $17M business that he built from the ground up. Small Business Flight School will teach you everything Donald learned so you can scale your business, too. 

It’s everything he taught me to grow my own business so that I’m a sought after workshop presenter, retreat leader, and digital marketing expert.

This isn't a business philosophy course with theories that don't work in the real world. It's a hands-on, 6-month program designed to help small business owners double their revenue with a growth system that works. I know it works because it changed my life.

What to expect in Small Business Flight School:

Create a Plan to Overhaul Your Entire Business in Six Months

Get access to online training where Donald Miller teaches you how to implement a growth plan in just 6 months.

Install a Proven Plan to 2x Your Revenue

You only have to spend 5 hours per week to learn and implement the Flight School frameworks and start seeing results.

Get Weekly Insider Access to Donald Miller and the Business Made Simple Team

Get feedback on how to apply the frameworks in your specific business and industry.

Join a Community of Growth-Minded Business Owners

Through the Flight School online community, you’ll join a group of peers you can connect with, learn from, and partner with to share best practices.

Elevate Your Business in Three Simple Steps


Sign Up for the Program

Enroll in Small Business Flight School today and embark on your transformational journey.


Dive Into the Curriculum

Explore the tailored combination of education, strategy, and community support.


See Your Business Soar

Implement proven systems and processes to attract clients and scale your business to new heights.


The six months of Small Business Flight School will completely uplevel your business.

Small Business Flight School on its own will help you find opportunities for growth. When you sign up through my portal link, you'll also receive these bonuses from me that will support you in taking your small business to the next level.

  1. Six Private Monthly One Hour Confidence Calls with Krista. Feel confident you’re getting the MOST out of the content because you’ll have an hour of my time every month to deep dive, answer your questions, and strategize your next steps. Built in accountability!
  2. 90 Days of Done for You Social Media Captions. No fillers or fluff. A social media strategy to help make posting on social media a little easier. Strategic captions ready for you to personalize and publish.

What happens in Flight School?

Each month, you’ll focus on a key area of your business and walk you through the action steps you need to execute. It takes about 5 hours a week over a 6-month period to complete the Flight School training and action steps.

The 6 key areas of your business you’ll be covering are:

Overhead and Operations
Cash Flow

Have questions? Book a call with me today and get your questions answered.

Install a Plan to
Double Your Revenue in 6 Months

By the end of the program, you’ll…
• Have a complete business growth plan to help you double your revenue
• Grow your confidence in knowing exactly what to work on to get results
• Have a long-term operations and growth plan to ensure your lasting success

Small Business Flight School includes…
• The Flight School curriculum and actionable playbooks ($2,500 value)
• Weekly Q&A calls with Business Made Simple experts ($3,500 value)
• Quarterly Q&A calls with Donald Miller ($3,000 value)
• 6 Monthly Private Calls with Krista Smith ($1800 value)
• Access to the exclusive Flight School community ($1,000 value)
• 90 Day Social Media Plan ($1500 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $13,300

Two Ways to Get Small Business Flight School





If you don’t feel like the content is actionable in your business, simply contact us within 14 days and we’ll issue you a full refund.

I know you have questions. Here are the FAQ's.

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