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How to Make an Easy Reel Using Canva (pt 1)

This video will show you how you can create an easy Instagram reel that looks like a reminder note.

Canva is AMAZING if you need generic B-roll when you don’t a bunch of time to add your own clips. If you don’t have Canva Pro, you will need to upload your own background video or photos in order to share it without a watermark.

Like this tutorial? Make sure sign up to get these delivered in your inbox. For more ease reel ideas. If you want MORE tutorials like this on demand, check out the Insta-Glam mini course. It’s got THIS video and SO many more that teach you my method for making sales on Instagram.

And listen, pro tip: don’t skip out on the recommended add on called The Launch Codes – it’s like the cheat sheet for crafting perfect captions. Say goodbye to caption panic and hello to stress-free posting!

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