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How to Hide Pinterest Graphics in Your Blog Posts

Pinterest is a visual social media tool that you can use to build a relationship with your audience when you add specific “pinnable” graphics that are hidden inside your WordPress blog posts.

If you were to add them to the body of your blog post, they take up valuable real estate because they are so large and you run the risk of turning off your viewers because they have to scroll for so long before they can engage with your content again.

With the release of Gutenberg for WordPress in January of 2019, there are a couple of extra steps that you need to take to hide these images but it’s easy and worth taking the time.

I’ve done up a video tutorial showing you step-by-step how easy this is. You can watch it here:

The code you need to add BEFORE your image HTML is:

<div style="display: none;">

The code you need to add AFTER your image HTML is:

Learn how to easily hide your Pinterest Graphics inside your WordPress blog posts with one easy step via Krista Smith at
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