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How to Finally Get Over the Fear of Blogging and Connect With More Dream Clients

I can’t tell you how many of the women I work with say to me that they know they need to start using their blog but they start thinking about it and they break out in a sweat.

I know what it’s like to build a business and not know where to even start with writing content.

New things are scary. Engaging and building an audience on your blog can take you right to the edge of chuck it #%ck it.

When I was first building my own web design and coaching business I had no one in my life who modeled effective content marketing. It always felt hard.

All I really wanted to do was build websites. I had a steady stream of clients. I wondered what was the point of blogging if I didn’t need more clients?

Fast forward to late 2015. I felt a significant shift in my business. I was empowering my own clients to blog because I know that content marketing will help you stand out and help your dream clients find you. And I found myself longing to add my voice to the online landscape.

What changed? What moved me out of my comfort zone and into a consistent blogging schedule?

In today’s post, I’m sharing the three things that worked for me to get over my own fear of blogging and how I’m using my blog to connect with more of my dream clients than ever before.

1. A shift in perspective.
Anyone who knows me well knows that my favourite question is, “How can this be easy?”. Whenever something feels hard or not possible it’s the first question I default to. What I realized when I ask myself this question was that I had made up this whole story and invented evidence that told me I did not need the blog for my business. The second I shifted out of that perspective into a, “how can this be easy” perspective the world opened up to me in terms of sharing my voice online.

Creating and sticking to an editorial calendar that served my audience finally became easy. I actually looked forward to each week with each new article would be published. Ideas became plentiful. My reach expanded.

I even did something really crazy and tossed my whole list. It wasn’t a healthy list at that point. The open rate was terrible and I just wasn’t connecting to them in the way my audience or I needed. So I started fresh – brand-new with 0 subscribers. And less than two months after launching that list the kind of content my audience was craving, my list had double from its original size. The open rates soared. They began to write me back. And it has continued to grow month after month since then.

Try it…think about the stories you’ve been telling your self as to why you’re not blogging consistently. Ask yourself, “How can this be easy”? I bet things will shift for you too.

2. Develop an editorial calendar.
One of the biggest things that has helped me blog consistently is my calendar of ideas.

All it took was developing a framework of the themes under which I’m knowledgeable and confident in. For me that looks like building a successful online business, tech video tutorials, wallpaper graphics, client spotlights/case studies, developing your personal brand, and client scripts.

Once my themes (which became my categories) were developed, it was two hours of brainstorming ideas for each one. I had eight months of posts figured out in under two hours!

3. Check your sent folder.

One of the best places I find ideas for blog posts (and in fact they’re almost written for me!) is in the sent folder of my email. If one of your clients has a question, you can bet that there are others with the exact same question. What are most blog posts really but the answer to a question? So take some time and go through your sent folder. You’ll find plenty of topics right at your fingertips and with just a little word massage, you’ll have a blog post ready to go!

My biggest takeaway from showing up each week on my blog is that even though I had a steady stream of clients before, even more perfect fit clients are finding me now. I have an abundance of inquiries and my calendar is booked out for months. I’m not dependent on referrals for my business.

I know it’s hard to get started. I also know the success I feel when I complete with a new client now. It’s way better. Trust me, bosses. Just do it.

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