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How to Develop a Mission Statement for Your Business

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past several weeks scouring the web for a solid resource I could send to my clients (and use myself!) that would help articulate their mission.

What I learned is that I couldn’t find one resource that gave me a step-by-step, easy formula that I could begin to play with and refine for what I felt like my mission was becoming.

So I returned to the teacher in me (my education degree STILL comes in handy, see Mom!) and I developed a worksheet that I used to flush our my own mission.

I began by getting my creative juices flowing. I asked myself some powerful questions like:

  • What is my work about?
  • What is it that I REALLY want to do?
  • What’s the message I want all of my clients to know?
  • What’s the experience I want to deliver for my clients/customers?
  • How does what I do make a difference?
  • Who do I most want to help?
  • What do I really want my work to be about?
  • How do I feel called to serve my audience? (even if I don’t know HOW, yet)

I sat with these questions. I journaled on them. I drank wine (true story!) with a friend and talked about them. I listened to how they sounded. I watched for resonance when I said them aloud. I played with my answers until I could truly begin to see what my mission might be.

I couldn’t articulate it, yet. But I could sense and feel it.

Are you curious for what I uncovered with this process?

What do you think?

After I noticed how helpful my process was for me personally, I sat down and developed this guide for you. Quite honestly, I developed it because I couldn’t find anything that COULD help me articulate the answers I wanted to add to a mission statement.

This was born out of a deep personal need to give breath to my own mission statement.

You can instantly get access to the guide on Writing Your Mission Statement right here.

Download this free cheatsheet and get access to an easy-to-use formula that you can use to write a mission statement for your female led brand.

You'll get step by step instructions, real life examples, and an easy-to-use formula to keep you on track.

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