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How to Create Your Own Brand Aesthetic using Pinterest

If you’ve downloaded my latest free offer, you know that creating a brand personality statement is a crucial part of breathing life into your online brand.

This might include a website re-design as well as collateral elements for featured images on your blog, your Instagram aesthetic, and even the words you choose to use on your website. (Don’t have my guide to developing your brand personality, yet? Get it HERE.)

In this post, I’m going to take you step-by-step through my personal process of helping clients curate your own mood board using Pinterest so you can be ready for a website re-design.

Your first step is to define your brand personality by completing the work in the free PDF.

Once you’ve decided on a direction, head over to Pinterest and use it like a search engine to help you find the visual representation and the articulation of what your search terms look like.

A few suggestions to help guide the things that you’re looking to pin:

  1. What colors already fill your home or closet? What colors are you drawn to?
  2. What patterns and textures are you attracted to (even inexplicably)?
  3. What quotes speak to you?
  4. What images represent what you are offering?
  5. What feels like you (even if you may not have it yet)?
  6. What trends are you attracted to?
  7. What images represent what your clients are longing for?
  8. If you were to describe your client/customer journey, what metaphor would you use?

Bottom line: Pin ANYTHING that conveys how you want your clients to feel or any that match the brand personality you most want to evolve into.

If you want to see how I actually do this, I’ve created this video to show you how you can use Pinterest to set up your board and pin intentionally.

If you want to access to the CHEATSHEET I’ve created to accompany this post, you can download it below:



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