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How to create custom graphics for your blog posts

How to create a custom graphic for a blog post  using Canva,com via

All around the interwebs lately I’ve had clients and colleagues ask me how they go about creating a custom graphic for their blog posts.

Are you curious why adding an image to your blog post or on social media is a savvy online move? I’ve outlined my top five reasons here:

  1. Bigger engagement – it’s true. Your followers or users are much more inclined to engage with you when there is an image attached to your post. I’ve personally seen at least a 5x increase in engagement when I share a an image compared to sharing a text only post.
  2. You can create an emotional connection — you know the adage, “A Picture is Worth 100 Words”? There’s truth in that.
  3. It builds a stronger visual component and breaks up heavy amounts of text content on a page. Your reader will appreciate you so much more :)
  4. You can improve your SEO by adding appropriate descriptions & tags and make it easy for social media sites to index your image.
  5. It can build your brand awareness – by choosing the same brand elements to add to your blog post images, you’ll be further helping people recognize your brand when they see it online.

I’ve created a video tutorial to walk you through how I’ve started to use Canva for my Instagram followers. I’ll also show you how I’ve created the blog post image you see at the top of this post!


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  1. Lisa Morrison on March 17, 2015 at 11:44 pm

    Thanks Krista! Learned some new tricks from your video. #gotthis

    • Krista on March 28, 2015 at 6:50 pm

      Awesome, Lisa!!

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