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Fonts I love for June

I’m introducing a new monthly series today on font families.

Choosing type (or fonts) for your website is an important piece of creating a cohesive personal brand.  When thinking about the fonts you need for your website, you also need to consider web safe fonts. Google has a wide range of web fonts that, when used creatively, can punch up your website to show off your personality.

I encourage all my clients to consider readability, size, color, letter spacing, and font weight when looking at fonts.

All of these factors can be tweaked to make a big enough difference for you to use or not use a font. If you have trouble reading what’s there, imagine how your web visitors might feel!

Here’s an example of one font (Helvetica) and the differences you can create by changing the size, color, letter spacing, font weight.

Hello I’m Krista Smith.

Hello I’m Krista Smith.

Hello I’m Krista Smith.

Hello I’m Krista Smith.

Hello I’m Krista Smith.

You can see just by adjusting simple characteristics like size, color, letter spacing, and font weight, you make a different impact, all using the same font family.

Here is your font inspiration for June!






You can find the FREE fonts I used in my June Font Inspiration right here: Monserrat, Playfair Display, Oswald, and Droid Serif.

In the comments, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are.

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