How to Make Sure Your Mailchimp Images are Never Blurry

By Krista Smith / July 19, 2019

In today’s video tutorial, I’m tackling the issue of how to ensure the Images you add to Mailchimp never come through as blurry. In today’s world with the high resolution screens we have, it’s important to use retina rules where we can so our images come through crystal clear. In order to do that, we need to bring images in at 1200 px wide (by whataver height) and then go into the settings and constrain them, by 50% to ensure crisp photos! Sound hard? It isn’t. I promise. I’m walking you though it in this video tutorial:

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How to Update Your Wordpress Website via Krista Smith at

How to Update Your WordPress Website

By Krista Smith / June 18, 2019

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients and students reach out and tell me how fearful they are to perform updates on their websites. The biggest reason it’s important to stay on top of your WordPress updates is security. Hundreds of websites are hacked every single day. The #1 way in which hackers are able to accomplish this is from outdated plugins + themes. They find a vulnerability (think secret back door) in the code of a particular piece of software that keeps your website running and they create code to gain access to your website. I…

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How to Hide Pinterest Graphics Inside Your Blog Posts _ via Krista Smith at

How to Hide Pinterest Graphics in Your Blog Posts

By Krista Smith / January 14, 2019

Pinterest is a visual social media tool that you can use to build a relationship with your audience when you add specific “pinnable” graphics that are hidden inside your WordPress blog posts. If you were to add them to the body of your blog post, they take up valuable real estate because they are so large and you run the risk of turning off your viewers because they have to scroll for so long before they can engage with your content again. With the release of Gutenberg for WordPress in January of 2019, there are a couple of extra steps…

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How to Get Facebook To Show the Image I Want When I Share My Website via Krista Smith at

How to Get Facebook To Show the Image I Want When I Share My Website

By Krista Smith / July 17, 2018

It’s so frustrating when Facebook does not pull the image you want to show up alongside your blog post. I get it. I’ve been in exactly that situation many times. What’s usually happened is that I’ve added a featured image but then changed my mind and changed the photo out. SOMEHOW, Facebook found that original photo and it might seem like they’ll never forget about it! What really happens is that Facebook serves cached versions of our posts. What I mean is that they take a snapshot of the page (or post) and the images linked to it and they…

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How To Set Up Registration On Your Website and Accept Payments _ via Krista Smith at

How To Set Up Registration On Your Website and Accept Payments

By Krista Smith / July 13, 2018

I have SO many clients who offer workshops, retreats, or online experiences that want to easily accept registration, get payment, and send an automated welcome email that I thought it was time I showed you exactly how easy this can be. In today’s tutorial, I’m showing you how I use Gravity Forms, Paypal, and Mailchimp to create a registration form + accept payment on your WordPress website.

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Three Things Everyone Should Know About Saving Facebook Posts by Krista Smith at

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Saving Facebook Posts

By Krista Smith / March 19, 2018

How many times have you landed on Facebook only to see a video or link that you really want to watch or read but you don’t have the luxury of time, in that moment, to do it justice? What about when you see a post in a Facebook group that asks a question you’re really interested in? What’s the best way to follow that conversation without adding the word “following” so that you get notified once it’s answered? In today’s post, I’m sharing the three things everyone should know about saving and accessing Facebook posts. What can you do? You…

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How to set an autoresponder for your Facebook Business Page via Krista Smith,

How to Create an Autoresponder for Your Facebook Business Page

By Krista Smith / February 7, 2018

One of my mastermind sisters expressed her frustration at a recent session that she has potential clients and customers try to communicate with her via her Facebook business page. The thing is, she does not want her Messenger App either for her profile or her business page to be used for client communication. In talking to her and the other women in my group, I mentioned how easy it is to set up an message to automatically be sent upon receiving a message. In that message you can set up expectations on how best to reach you. For example, if…

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How to create a Facebook cover photo that isn't fuzzy by Krista Smith,

How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo that Isn’t Fuzzy

By Krista Smith / February 7, 2018

I’ve watched SO many clients and colleagues struggle to get a crisp and clean image for the cover of the Facebook Groups or Business Pages. I did the research and the testing for you. In today’s post, I’m sharing what I discovered from testing many different sizes. I went directly to Facebook to get the suggested size they recommend. Because we can only upload one image, we need to also make sure that any text we have on our images responds to what shows up on different screen sizes. In my research for finding the answer to this question, I…

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How to create or edit the image that is used as your author avatar via Krista Smith at

How to control your avatar when you comment online

By Krista Smith / March 17, 2017

In today’s video tutorial, I’m walking you through the steps on how you can create or update the avatar image that shows up next to your name whenever you post a comment online. It’s possible you have a new email address or a really old headshot or possibly have never created one! In this quick video, I’m walking you through the exact steps you can take to control which images shows up when Globally Recognized Avatars are an option. Gravatar Website:  

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How content upgrades can help you grow your list via Krista Smith

How Content Upgrades Can Help You Grow Your List

By Krista Smith / August 23, 2016

Does this sound familiar? You’ve been getting out there and writing blog posts. You’ve been showing up in Facebook groups answering questions and showing your expertise. You’ve been supportive and much more “out there” than your typical introverted self usually is. But, your email list isn’t growing like you expected. One of the tools you can use to grow your list is to begin employing content upgrades. What exactly is a content upgrade and how do they work? A content upgrade is a bonus piece of information that further supports the piece of content that it’s related to. One of…

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