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Five Things You May Be Missing on Your Contact Page (and How They Can Improve Your Client On-boarding Process & Bottom Line)

By Krista Smith / December 10, 2014

One of the pages on a newly designed or redesigned website that often isn’t given as much thought as the essential about, services, or portfolio page is your contact page. The page that people land when they’re ready to reach out to you. Some web visitors will land here after spending time getting to know you either on your website or through social media or even in person. I believe there are five things that most online entrepreneurs miss out on when creating this page that can impact how you bring new clients into your process and can impact your bottom line in…

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By Krista Smith / October 16, 2014

I want to live in a world where women entrepreneurs can communicate their needs, wants, and desires from a place of courage, truth, and integrity. Every day. Without worrying that she will hurt someone’s feelings. Without fear of disappointing someone. Without thinking about how the tone of her email might be misconstrued. Without thinking that a no might effect further referrals. Without worrying about the implications of a relationship that isn’t working for her with a client who is really well connected in her industry. I want the women entrepreneurs I know and love to stop biting the bullet and persevering anyway,…

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