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Are You Stuck in Compare and Despair on Instagram too?

I wanted to share with you what I’ve been feeling in my own heart. It’s something that I’ve witnessed my own clients and mastermind sisters struggle with too. And I want to acknowledge that I’m feeling vulnerable.

I’m feeling this way because I’m speaking my truth. And I can sense my judge-y inner critic sitting up tall and taking notice. So, I’ll do what I always do when I sense her presence, I’ll let her know I’ve got this and that I’m safe. I’ll let her know that even though this may feel scary, it’s the right thing to do.

I don’t know about you but I sometimes hop into Instagram and feel a wave of emotions. Let me check these out with you.

Are you stuck in compare and despair over on Instagram too via Krista Smith at

Have you ever been?

  • inspired by raw, authentic posts
  • hungry from food porn photos and videos
  • in awe of the perfectly curated feeds with just the right filter applied to every photo
  • humbled by some of the comments left on your own posts
  • green with envy over the amazing travelling adventures your fellow grammers are having
  • absolutely blown away by your own child’s IG feed
  • feeling completely inadequate with your yoga practice
  • consumed by FOMO – the fear of missing out is a real thing, you guys
  • motivated to improve your own feed but unsure where to even start
  • and everything in between?

Let me be honest here: I can sometimes feel a foreboding sense of compare and despair wash over me. And I know me. I can quickly go from the edge of compare and despair right over the cliff of chuck it f*&k it if I can’t figure out something to do right now.

I can go from looking at the feeds of my friends, comparing it to my own feed, feeling inadequate, and going right to throwing my hands up in the air and ignoring all of it for a week or longer. IN A MATTER OF SECONDS.

Tell me I’m not alone.

I’m so over this. For a couple of reasons.

I have a voice and I have things I want to share. I have people I want to serve. If I don’t show up, how can I help them?

Also — I know intimately from working with women building websites, that it often takes 300 shots to get that one perfect one. I have zero desire to spend hours every week taking so many photos so I have the perfect shot. So those feeds that have the perfect filters and gorgeous photos? It’s a full time job and many of them are compensated for their time. I know I don’t want that. I want to be real because I’m a Mama, am building my business, and want everyone to know that it’s hard work. AND it’s worth it because I get to define my own rules about when I work and when I play.

I want to share with you my own take aways from this exercise and how you can shift out of the funk if you find yourself in it.

You are one of a kind so doing it like she is won’t work.

Of course you can use her as inspiration but instead of getting caught up in compare and despair, take a few minutes and get your detective on. What is it that you’re attracted to? What else? What don’t you like? What would you do differently? How can you create a vibe that will attract your own tribe? That thing you’re attracted to? It’s her thing. It’s important to acknowledge what you admire about her feed and figure out how to make yours feel more you. Because everyone can spot a copy cat. You deserve you, beautiful. So does your audience.

It’s all personal.

It’s natural that this can feel raw. You’re putting yourself out there and trying to find your footing all in real time. Know that I’m over here cheering you on with every post. Find yourself a couple of real life friends who feel the same way and create an Instagram Pod where you support each other fully with every post by genuinely commenting and celebrating your success. You can hit me up too. I’m happy to help you out!

Acknowledge that you will evolve, as will your content.

It takes time to build a following. Experiment to find out what works with your audience. Sometimes it’s healthy to declutter your feed and refocus. Permission granted to delete all your old posts and start new if that’s what you need.

Just spending time acknowledging these three things have shifted me out of analysis paralysis and has me firmly back in power of possibility. I hope it helps you too.

p.s. I’ve just opened up three spots in my calendar for new coaching clients. If you’re looking for a partner who values collaboration over competition to help you take your business and turn it into a revenue generating online brand (and maybe explore how we can get your IG feed inspired), let’s have an exploratory conversation. Book your FREE 20 minute consult here.

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